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  1. When you said insurmountable I got hyped.

  2. How can volume exceed open interest if no one can buy any new postions? Its not possible. Unless hedge funds still have a buy button but retail doesn't

  3. Sounds like a free and fair market to me.

  4. I’m pretty sure California has a law on their books that mandates what they are supposed to do with the surplus. I believe some has to goto schools, some pays down the debt, some gets returned as checks etc.

  5. Haha they have laws they follow? It’s a trap.

  6. It wasn’t Fraser’s character who was killed. It was Kevin J. O’Connor’s.

  7. You’re absolutely right. I recant my statement.

  8. If you’ve been in all these SS plays over the last year, the ones getting the most attention. Something about RDBX is different. Do some DD. NFA… it just feels different then every other play.

  9. You realize that there was a deal to buy Redbox at $0.87/share and whoever is left holding Redbox will end up getting that.

  10. The ones that could be exercised have been. Any more and it has to hold above 18$ for 20 days in the same calendar month.

  11. I think I might end up taking it in the wrinkled stink Star on my calls I’m holding but fuggit I’ll hold them to zero at this point. The bastard MMs can eat a grunt muffin.

  12. Would they allow this if the merger was happening? Something tells me this is one of the first signs Redbox isn’t going anywhere .

  13. I like it. This is what I got from it, assumed this is what everyone got from it. Please continue to spread the word.

  14. The most gangster number you’ve ever seen

  15. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Don’t underestimate the ability for criminals not to commit a crime.

  16. Exactly. We’re never going to guess the squeeze date. Could be Tuesday, could be three Tuesdays away. Also, just because they closed in the money doesn’t mean they were all exercised . It’s very bullish and I’m very excited.. just don’t want to get hopes up.

  17. Does this mean the float is large enough to trade the options s as gain?

  18. I don’t think it ever wasn’t. I’m not sure the reason why they removed options, but I’m sure it’s not the reason they are telling us.

  19. I don't care about fault of who sold options they shouldn't have. I care a lot more that for the first time that I've seen, somebody has gone on record saying they overestimated the available float and it's a problem. That for once we have these bananas numbers coming out that aren't an "error". They actually admitted the data is correct.

  20. Anybody who tells you they know the future of a stock is either an insider or is kidding themselves.

  21. I agree. Not selling any shares. I’m in at 3$ so I’m going to make money regardless. This one seems different. It’s way more blatant.

  22. I don't. It seems like a lifetime ago, but I was in. Saw my portfolio go from 50K to jack shit. These #s are way better. CTB was like 200% max. There was NEVER a weeks long time where there were no public shares to borrow that you couldn't scope on stuff like IBorrowDesk. I'm cynical AF, but this thing is going to fucking rocket. Play it as you will.

  23. I held amc through the run. I sold calls. Made some money… but I still have every share. Some days I feel I made a mistake not selling, some days I feel like I’m glad I held to be apart of something bigger. AA selling his shares was a sign to me it was over, I still held.

  24. Fucking AA is a real piece of shit. He fucked is out of so much money in June. He did everything he could to keep amc from going parabolic so he could cash in his options and give himself bonuses and credit for keeping amc afloat.That old fuck is definately in bed with Kenny and the other asshole

  25. Don’t say that to anyone in amc. “He’s just old and wanted to diversify his portfolio”

  26. On what platform are you seeing these strikes? I have Fidelity, TDA, & Vanguard and all 3 only have strikes up to 34.

  27. You’re right I read it incorrectly. Either way. Same thing I said except 34$ not 40$

  28. I feel decently confident tomorrow will be green, but I’m not super sure. Once we gain momentum again, the stock will fly

  29. Regardless. Green, red… if you’re confident stay true to your conviction.

  30. I’m just saying. These assholes said this not too long ago. They are claiming they are wrong now? Interesting. So they could be wrong now too then? Shouldn’t pay for a service that is inaccurate.

  31. Ortex was also the ones who confirmed the float at 1.9 — so… if they were wrong then, are they wrong now? Who’s to say?

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