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My husband playing God of War on his Christmas PS5 with some pizza and chicken nuggets for lunch. I feel like he is in his happy place

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  1. No problem Cancelo, I heard our other Left Back was cleared in court recently.

  2. I don't think it's one player. Silva, Gundogan, Walker, Laporte are all rumored to want to leave. But they're not causing troubles behind the scenes though.

  3. If Cancelo gone and only Lewis for competition Walker will be much happier.

  4. Not what I'm saying at all. It's a VERY thin line that everyone needs to be careful with. Someone very important in my life had theirs fucked up because of it. The safest option is don't do it if they're drunk.

  5. Tbf you can get really cheap, decent hotels near the stadium. You can spend more if you want the luxury but theres so much hotels you could save money on if you don't mind having it basic.

  6. We never look for luxury, just your standard bed that I can lay down in comfort knowing its clean. $200-$300/night.

  7. Man for 300 dollar you could get almost any hotel in Manchester haha! But theres plenty say, Travelodge Ancoats which is very convenient (I use it a lot, I travel from Glasgow), but theres other near by hotels such as the Dakota, Hilton Doubletree and Malmaison which are more expensive.

  8. Saw Chelsea fans making polls if Haaland will outscore their whole team at the end of the season.

  9. Tbf he's only nine from matching Liverpool too ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  10. Japanese porn about to get even weirder.

  11. I had the same thought. The riff at the start sounds like something from the Loads and the video has alot of Load imagery as well.

  12. Before the final game of the season last year, we were miserable at coming back from 2 down. That's chnaged drastically since then.

  13. That's not on ref, that's on VAR being spineless

  14. Adrian Newey: we are 5 seconds faster now.

  15. Nah the other side of her if you zoom in...

  16. I dont think you are seeing what Im talking about. It snext to her chin and around the face. Theres dots like theres a background missing from a photoshop

  17. Worst performance this season, maybe the worst in the Pep era. At no point did we look like scoring, not even when the big hitters came on. Our performances have been very inconsistent this season and it's becoming worrysome. We keep saying something needs to change but nothing has changed still. And now we have the derby next. Surely we can't be as bad as we were tonight. We'll just have to wait and see.

  18. Nah man. Some chances Julian had a big chance after De Bruyne slipped it through to him and Haaland just needed a touch on the header and it was in.

  19. Need to give your head a shake if you think those were actual chances

  20. You're having a fucking laugh if you think that Alvarez shot wasn't a chance. It was a shite shot. Simple.

  21. I love how City can absolutely ruin my day and mood.

  22. This is no biggie compared to the very end of the second leg against Real Madrid in the CL semifinal last season.

  23. That was an entirely different level. And you could feel it from the moment they got the 1st late goal.

  24. Raheems. It was on my birthday. What a celebration in there that night.

  25. People moaning about the chair when theres fucking recliners in the room. Guy might like the chair. Get over it.

  26. Outside of a dominant win it's so super rare. Especially at half time. And Especially such an odd swap.

  27. What the fuck is with the subs?! Makes zero fucking sense. Move Cancelo to his natural position ffs!

  28. I ate a chocolate cake that was covered in gold leaf a while ago, and I made sure to study my next bowel movement for gold. Can say there was a bit I could see, but not nearly as much as I hoped

  29. Fresh chocolate log, straight off the shelf !

  30. [ัƒะดะฐะปะตะฝะพ]

  31. Don't forget the cable car - but swimming!

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