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  1. Gotta be patient and selective. I wait for 2,250+ points unless it's Monday morning.

  2. What would damage her more would be to have problems with the law/government, gain a reputation of being a contract breacher and for other brands to drop her/not hire her anymore. If LGBT fans cannot put themselves in her shoes and understand that this is an impossible situation for her, then yes both can and will be true.

  3. I don't know about Korea, but in America breach of contract is a civil matter. Nobody's going to jail for that.

  4. Don't reroll for gear. The only time it's worth it if you want some easy bounties to complete your weekly tasks.

  5. I think places like Titos are super interesting. At first I hated it, like “why would you ever want tacos like this”. But the longer I’ve lived here the more I appreciate it. It’s like an institution that serves good food that’s gone way out of style. I feel similarly about Al n Beas or to a lesser extent Lucky Boy.

  6. It's the nostalgia factor. The same reason people claim to like the crap sandwiches at Phillipe's.

  7. I fast forwarded through a bunch of the interview segments. The players are the most interesting part of the show but this episode was loaded with men talking and reliving past glories.

  8. i haven’t personally investigated but it seems like the korean places in ktown have to really good wings i’d like to try

  9. Papa's Chicken is the best light and crispy wings.

  10. If you must craft leveled equipment, you can fund it by disassembling your capes. Unique capes get you 256,000 gold or something like that.

  11. I have 165% warrior power and ~60% mage. This combo good me through Karnheim, but am always working on getting stronger.

  12. Alder was my first unique when I first started playing. Oddly, I got all the uniques before I unlocked Garron.

  13. Not sure how to feel about this. Glad Cousins is out but Hope and Taylor hurts a lot. 🥺

  14. They can resign as free agents, no?

  15. The whole dance segment was incredible.

  16. I'm not a carrot cake fan, but Porto's version with little chunks of pineapple instead of raisins is perfection.

  17. $12 for that, come on people.

  18. Not a fan when I had it 20 years ago. Was dry

  19. Exactly, it's not even mediocre. It's well below average. People need to recalibrate their taste buds and raise their standards. This is Los Angeles, do better.

  20. Absolutely. I'm saving up hero charms to make an alternate set for either alchemist or hunter. My current mythic set is warrior and mage. Although, you can configure your charm slots so that you dedicate only one price of armor (arms) to the the 2nd build, instead of leveling an entire unique set.

  21. You mean, reach your hands out towards the vicinity of razor sharp teeth? :scream:

  22. I'm going next month for my birthday and I can't wait. They have a tasting menu that we're having.

  23. I keep forgetting about their Santa Monica location cuz it's pickup only. I gotta put getting a dark meat sandwich on my calendar.

  24. For all the people recommending to ask Virgin: The first 3 word in the post are "I called virgin".

  25. I really hope Wonder woman doesn't get relegated, Kim Hee Jung is my favorite player. ♥️

  26. Every single player on Anaconda is really pretty 🥰

  27. If you like to snorkel, YOU MUST GO TO BRIDGETOWN, BARBADOS. It's the easiest reef to get to from the port (Brandon's Beach) and it's full of fish and turtles.

  28. Thank you! I should have clarified that we want to snorkel and see as much fish/turtles as we can! The only thing is we need somewhere we can snorkel directly off the beach (and not take a catamaran). Which beach in Barbados would you recommend?

  29. Brandon's Breach is about a 20 walk north of the cruise port; no need for a cab. Walk into the water and there's reefs 10 yards from the shore. There's a little diner called Rascals that can rent you chairs and umbrellas, and they serve food as well. Spend the whole day snorkeling and if you're too tired, you can call a cab at Rascals to pick you up.

  30. There are 61 brawlers and too many game modes... why "main" anyone?

  31. Thanks, the boss indeed has increased damage vs fury, concentration and protection, though i'm not supposed to have those buffs, with Brutus and Erikson.

  32. Your weapon might be giving you those buffs. He'll hit like a truck if you have those statuses.

  33. I noticed that too. I'm not sure what triggers a tax; could it be a certain cost threshold or city ordinance?

  34. It's just a skin for your axe; purely cosmetic.

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