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  1. Nah just oil it and do some adjusting

  2. Adjust what? It had no issues prior to their 16 week turnaround for an RMR cut and it will not go into battery with the trigger pressed.

  3. Try tightening the RMR maybe there’s a loose screw preventing it from locking into battery.

  4. I bought that same 5 pack a few weeks back.

  5. My 5th grade teacher called them “Dolly Parton fractions”.

  6. that’s funny as fuck to say to a 5th grader 💀

  7. I spend way to much money on Dabs and whenever I run out I am bored outta my mind and don’t know what to do with myself.

  8. That suggests that you need to get some hobbies going, or more demanding employment!

  9. I don’t really have friends to hang out with or a Gf or anything like that so I mainly just sit in my room and smoke all day everyday. Makes me depressed as shit but I don’t have anything better too do.

  10. You could become a crack dealer 😳

  11. Thought this was some really low quality weed for a second.


  13. i just got a bunch of 4mm rubies on amazon it was like $9 for 20 bc i lose them all the time. i get way bigger hits with it in my peak

  14. U prolly got the same ones I did 😎

  15. Yup you have the exact same ones 🤣

  16. I would slurp em like Mom’s spaghetti 🍝

  17. Micro-9? I love these little 9mm 1911’s.

  18. You ever had any jamming problems or failure to fire?

  19. What’s wrong with that puffco glass specifically?

  20. I see, just bought the Opal Peak Pro glass yesterday that comes stock with the Opal Pro. It looks dope as hell on the normal pro.

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