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  1. $80k covers a most EV's in US, even the lower end Rivian's and Tesla's.

  2. One word answer in why dealing with global warming is a problem for US.

  3. Musk, Trump and Putin are all friends, so why hasn't Musk asked his friends Trump and Putin to release the black, lesbian that all three of them hate for being black and gay?

  4. Good Grief Bernie...give it a rest. We are getting a huge amount done finally passing Build Back Better with a new name and getting the climate, health care and other good policies.

  5. GOP making allegations is always troubling.

  6. Cheney and GOP's bad behavior paved the way for Trump, making Cheney the danger we should have dealt with decades ago as we see what the Nixon to Reagan to Bush to Cheney gets you...Trump and a GOP that even its creators like Cheney view as a threat to US democracy.

  7. The US is not Asia, we totally don't care about others health. That said why is a illness that only spreads thru close contact with others secretions, not necessarily just sex, spread so fast and so far in the US when we have only recently been under the thumb of a Pandemic?

  8. Perhaps all the pandemic protocols were keeping Monkey Pox at bay as it did with influenza. Now that protocols are gone outbreaks of other infectious diseases will increase.

  9. So a GOP president can order Medicare to stop paying for transport for medical care not available locally? I guess there is no way to insulate health care from politics with government programs.

  10. No distractions until Build Back Better is passed.

  11. It's not that Christian views are extreme LOL it's that the majority of people are wicked. Go ahead and say out loud some of the things that you want to do that Christians would tell you is wrong. Oh no you can't murder children. Oh no 5-year-olds are not allowed to chop off there dicks or chemically castrate themselves. sorry you owe civilization to Gods white people

  12. Wow this is news to me. There are Christian organizations out there fighting in actual battles with each other? LOL I just heard 10,000 Christians were killed in nigeria. I haven't heard a single instance of Christian kill squads. The fact is what you're talking about is not christianity. You're talking about a judaized perverted thing they call christianity.

  13. Depends on political lobbying. While OH is dominated by anti-science, anti-EV Trump/GOP'ers even science based states like OR add a $100 EV registration fee but do provide a $2,500 cash rebate on new EV's.

  14. Depends on the range you need to cover. In winter, you get 50% of the range and you normally only live on 75% of range/battery capacity due to battery degradation from charging above 85% and discharging below 10%. So a 275 mile range EV becomes 103 miles in Winter. So if your call radius is 50 miles (100 miles roundtrip) then EVs with a 275 range rating would work in worst winter conditions. Get a FWD or AWD and use snowtires.

  15. The source that specifically says 26 votes for Trump? Elaborate.


  17. That did not disagree with my link.

  18. But it does show you misread the article.

  19. Wouldn’t this example of prejudice disqualify Thomas from sitting in judgment of any case involving human rights since Thomas has decided that certain groups have no rights?

  20. Yang is an odd character. Why does he think he’d make a good president. Zero experience. Zero expertise. Yang needs to run for dog catcher and then work his easy up.

  21. Armed violence is the only way the GOP can win long term. Bush lost by 1,000,000. Trump lost by 3,000,000 then lost again by 6,000,000. Only wildly gerrymandered Congressional districts keeps the GOP in power at both state and Federal level.

  22. When in fact there were no new applications by Tesla for Federal charging infrastructure funds but rehashed news of two previous applications which were rejected.

  23. Since Roberts voted to kill Roe, the idea he was lobbying to save it is fictional.

  24. He did not. He voted to allow the 15 week ban. He voted against overturning Roe entirely.

  25. Since Roberts voted to kill Roe the idea he secretly lobbied to save it is fictional. Why are Robert's and his staff "leaking" this "news" is a better question?.

  26. Trump was quite gutsy, trying to stage a coup to overturn election.

  27. Rome lasted a while when it's republic fell but things moved slower on the 100BCE times. A US under white Christian oligarch rule of GOP that promotes anti-science policies would be backward vs. a Chinese military dictatorship that is pro-science and quickly fall into economic decline.

  28. China is more aggressive according to Fox News/NY Post.

  29. Similar to what the GOP does in US with Social Security and Medicare, keep cutting the funding and then complaining it doesn't work. Medicare keeps lowering the pay to MD's and other medical professionals.

  30. 47% of Americans oppose addressing global warming due to fossil fuel use. It explains why Americans vote for Trump and GOP crackpots.

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