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  1. Biden has beaten Trump, Putin and now McCarthy.

  2. We really should have something in place long like everyone under 40k qualifies no loops or other stupid requirements.

  3. Key term is "really". Have to deal with political reality which is what Biden admin did in outsmarting the 50% of the country that wants to eliminate food stamps.

  4. The IRS funding cuts and the permitting reform are more the kind of thing McCarthy wanted. Fucking over the poor is priority 2. Priority 1 is helping the rich, big money donors, and corporations

  5. IRS increase was cut from $80B to $60B. Still and increased of $60B to increase tax revenue by $250B per year. The money was spread over 10 years so Biden admin is applying the $60B in eight years. So net effect for the next eight years is the same.

  6. Heck getting Veterans into accomodations with mental health care that is commensurate to their sacrifice for their country. Indigenous, African American, all groups receiving medical care (especially mental health). 🇺🇸🗽⚖️🏡🗳🌍

  7. It is still also criminal to allow people to die of heat stroke or hypothermia Mayor. Inaction in solving problems that kill people is not a valid excuse. Solve the problem!!! 🇺🇸🗽⚖️🏡🗳🌍

  8. Eyup. GOP doesn't have the same values. Where has Rep. McGovern been the last 50 years?

  9. The most insane thing is raising the debt ceiling until a date certain: January 1, 2025. This is a lame duck session, literally hours before the 118th Congress ends. Why would Joe Biden deliberately schedule a showdown over the debt ceiling for Christmas 2024? There's a decent chance some Republicans are willing to burn things down if they lose in 2024... they will have all of the leverage and almost no accountability post-election.

  10. Republicans do not have to take the deal, just vote against it. If they are mad about McCarty making a deal they can vote him out. What a bunch of idiots.

  11. I think you are confused about what's being discussed. We're discussing the maximum allowed general waivers for those that don't fall into other waiver and exemption categories because that's what this bill cuts.

  12. Healthy adults up to 55 are specifically who will need the waivers because they don't qualify for other waivers or exemptions.

  13. She's as real as any unqualified, inexperienced, spiritual adviser to the stars.

  14. I asked how they are expected to access these services many comments ago, and nothing you linked addressed that. You didn't address that. So I must assume that you don't know or you don't care.

  15. Oh shit so not only are their homes and belongings destroyed, but they are transported away from their homes? That doesn't seem fucked up to you?

  16. There are enough “safe” Democratic seats that can vote for it in order to prevent the complete downfall of our society, which will happen. Unlike the GOP, the Dems will vote on bills to help people.

  17. Graham should turn himself in to Russia if Putin agrees to turn himself in to Ukraine.

  18. I got news for ya buddy, if this deal is allowed nobody's gonna show up to vote at the polls.

  19. if clinton won in 2016, then the next goon just would have done what trump did a few years down the line. the supreme court should not exist in a functioning free society. unelected, unaccountable blatantly corrupt plutocrats ruling by diktat is not democracy. that is a laughable concept.

  20. Since it only targets two Black women and one county, it will likely be overturned even by TX courts. Or even the right wing Supreme Court.

  21. GOP right wing is in fighting already over Biden's big win, zero cuts to Democratic programs passed over the last two years.

  22. While GOP: and McCarthy were totally smoked by Biden who gave away nothing, it's great that right wing media are claiming "victory". Kind of like Trump surrendering to Taliban in Afghanistan and calling it a win.

  23. Did Mr. Murphy miss the last six years? Trump, GOP Congress, narrow Democratic majority for just two years and now a GOP House of extremists?

  24. The most important thing to remember about the US military budget is that it's not really there just to be spent; if we cut the budget, we need to also cut what we want to get out of it.

  25. Graham is hardly "extreme". His voting record is pretty moderate.

  26. Since it is a bipartisan bill, those opposed have no leverage. Biden, Jeffries, McCarthy, Schumer and McConnel will be able to muster super majorities.

  27. No. All can be undone in 2024 if voters restore democracy, science and equal rights to US by voting Democratic.

  28. These projects are normally funded through tourism taxes (aka hotel taxes) and state law normally stipulates that money gets spent on tourism related projects. Meanwhile the residents of Vegas get a new mlb team and stadium that the visitors are paying for. It’s a fine deal for the local taxpayers.

  29. I don’t think you comprehended what I was saying. It’s ok it’s a complicated situation and requires critical thinking. Yes it’s a bad deal for the person paying the added tax but in this case that person is visiting Vegas to gamble and I don’t think they really care about their hotel room costing $.10 more a night. The actual residents of Vegas aren’t paying anything additional but gain a professional sports franchise. It’s not like the money coming from the additional taxes can go to things like schools and roads bc state law dictates tourism tax must go to tourism things like - museums, public art, etc.

  30. Except Hunter Biden doesn't have any "troubles". GOP fantasizes about Hunter Biden but nothing real.

  31. How can you blame people for not voting when almost 3 million more Americans voted for Hillary over Trump?

  32. So you're blaming the voters for not voting blue hard enough? I only had one vote. I don't know what to tell you besides the fact that the electoral college rat fucked America in 2000 and 2016

  33. Just in GOP states. A Democratic Congress can make a national law against child labor, restore voting rights, restore environmental law, make abortion legal and continue the push for sustainable energy and transportation.

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