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Android fans, what are the primary reasons why you will never ever switch to an Iphone?

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  1. Barre chords will seem impossible for a while, but make yourself learn them. I've known many guitar players who go to great lengths to avoid barre chords, to their detriment. Just put in the practice, and they'll be a key tool in your toolbox.

  2. In case you're curious, very few modern firearms, pistol or rifle, use a "clip". Most use a detachable box magazine. "Clips", in this context, are literal metal clips that hold a stack of cartridges in a row, allowing them to easily be loaded into a firearm that uses an "en block" or non-removable internal magazine. That design fell out of favor around the Korean War.

  3. He pronounces words funny because of his jaw I think. Dat for That for example. Like he can’t annunciate his words

  4. Right? It's like he's doing a ventriloquism act without a dummy.

  5. lol. I remember correctly, he talked the same way only not as drastic when he was Dylan’s dad on Beverly Hills 90210 ha ha years ago

  6. Heck, I feel like he had the same speech patterns back when he was hanging out with Sandy Duncan and raising Jason Bateman back in "Valerie"/"Valerie's Family"/"The Hogan Family".

  7. Wtf is wrong with people? I’d literally die for my chih. Poor pup. I’m glad you took him in. He is probably in a much better place with you.

  8. We recently got an 11-year-old rescue dachshund. His previous owners had just had a baby, and decided that they were worried that he was "too nippy" and might hurt the baby.

  9. Before you take this advice, take a good, honest look at your performance, and your competition. I've seen plenty of people who are performing marginally at their current role then decide that they deserve a promotion.

  10. And if you are a little bit technicaly versed, and have something like an raspberry pi lying around, you can also look into pi-hole to do the same inside your network.

  11. I've had a pi zero running pi-hole for a couple of years. I have it setup to cover my whole network. It's great. When I surf the Internet away from home it's almost shocking.

  12. I've used Jose Ochoa in Urbandale for a few handyman jobs. He comes highly recommended by the old ladies on, and he did good work for me.

  13. My 15-year-old tortoise-shell cat is sitting in front of my monitor as I type this. She's been a holy terror since I got her as a kitten that was as small as yours.

  14. My wife and I had iPhones for a few generations, starting with the 3S. The primary reason that we chose iPhones was the perceived ease-of-use, as my wife is not technologically minded.

  15. I’d be fine with coming in two days a week, as there are some things that are best done in person rather than teleconference.

  16. So I worked from a company facility in a different state than all of my team members for years before the pandemic, and now I'm getting this "there are some things that are best done in person rather than teleconference" bullshit, and I think it's ridiculous.

  17. Listening to the harddrive noises and fans to determine if crashed or loading slowly.

  18. Oh, I dearly miss the sound of a spinning disk, and the rapidly blinking HDD light that told me "it's doing something".

  19. HDD LEDs are still a thing

  20. Yeah, but people don't have their PCs on their desks with a CRT on it, so it's not right there in your face.

  21. Pizza. As a kid I could eat a whole pizza and not feel guilty but now as an adult if I have more than two slices of pizza in one sitting my stomach goes full nuclear warfare.

  22. I feel this one, specifically. I love pizza, and have been eat huge amounts of it my whole life. Recently, I was put on some meds that work very well, but cause me to lose my appetite very quickly. Now, I'll sit down to a beautiful, enormous pizza, and after a slice and a half, I can't take another bite.

  23. Tell them to leave, and not come back. You're a homeowner. You need to be able to handle this, the most minor form of conflict.

  24. I enjoy the reduced human interaction, but I resent that the industry has just taken manual work, and pushed it to me, instead of actually automating anything.

  25. I work for a Fortune 100 company doing a job that I can complete in minutes a week, and making six figures. I have very few friends, but a very wonderful wife. I'm on track to retire at 55, and I'm in the process of setting up the rural property that will be my home in retirement, where I plan to read, play the guitar, shoot guns, and interact with as few people as humanly possible.

  26. FYI - if you work with folks in a global capacity, people from some cultures (I.e. parts of India) find it very rude not to engage in small talk before getting to the point. I learned this the hard way and I try to be more respectful about it now. If you are talking to people in the US though, I totally agree.

  27. Same, here. At my company ( a large multinational) it's pretty accepted to start IMs with "Good morning. Do you have time to IM?"

  28. I replace the beans in my chili with diced, sautéed mushrooms. They're a far superior filler.

  29. Chips and guacamole/salsa is a universally accepted dish that passes the vegan test. I don’t think you could offend anyone by offering them this.

  30. I don't know anyone who'd be "offended", but I know a lot of.people who dislike/won't eat guacamole.

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