News from Early-Candidate5492

  1. It's like people forget in the 2-10 stretch Bron and AD were both banged up coming out of preseason.

  2. Think when norm comes back if you can get 30-35 points between Powell and EJ that can help out the scoring load if you're getting 25-30 from Kawhi.

  3. Y’all are mad annoying with this kyrie boner right now lol.

  4. Vets gave up in Jan/Feb, Young guys + Bron tried to keep it going but it failed obviously. Cant believe I spent so many hours watching that garbage

  5. He's a player, he can only focus on what he can control at that moment. He was concerned with helping his team and getting a spot in the playoffs. Nothing wrong with it.

  6. We had that stretch in December right when Bron came back from the groin strain we played Spurs 3 times in a week.

  7. Knicks Pelicans Suns twice Mavs Clippers 1 of the Bulls games and Timberwolves are the only games they could feasibly possibly lose. The rest are guranteed wins worst case everything went to hell they'll go 8-7 and we'll still make the top 10.

  8. It was more of a oh shii Peyton moved on and likes my half brother....... Maybe i gotta look my self in the mirror and stop being a jackass which he eventually did for Haley.

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