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While on his deathbed and unable to speak due to laryngeal cancer, English writer/philosopher Aldous Huxley made a written request for his wife to inject him with 100 micrograms of LSD. She obliged, and injected him with 2 doses, each one hour apart. He went out that same day during an LSD trip…

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Raphael Warnock beats Trump pick Herschel Walker in Georgia Senate runoff, NBC projects

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  1. Just watched his video on Musk right before the takeover went through. I love how much he hates him.

  2. Fuck that. If he gets leniency, then all his ilk get it. Because you HAVE to be really stupid to be a trump supporter.

  3. I wish a bunch of ppl from all around the world responded to that idiotic republican post. Like, "I'm in X country and I just bought my more expensive Xmas gift. Thanks Democrats!"

  4. So, are the republicans saying that the United States democrats are responsible for the economy worldwide? Do they not realize prices are up everywhere? What kind of idiot do you have to be to vote for a Republican?

  5. An American idiot educated in a red state and raised by parents that consume brain damaging "news" from fox and newsmax.

  6. "the likes of which...the likes of which...the likes of which...I would like a sandwich"

  7. Even though I'm not stupid enough to believe the shit lies trump spews, I still feel my intelligence insulted when I read these lies-drenched statements.

  8. Shots fired. Actually, Marvel movies seem to skimp out on special fx, probably cuz they know they don't have to spend too much on that since ppl will still see their movies.

  9. Some peace and quiet, and knowing things will be better going forward. Oh, and more sex.

  10. The real reason they're mad is that it was two consenting adults having sex.

  11. Is payment for consent okay? Matt Gaetz would like to know

  12. Just ask the Moore county sheriff since the perpetrators are his close personal friends.

  13. I can eat it just fine, I just prefer it not on my pizza.

  14. Probably the Halo games, mainly 2,3, Reach, 5, and Infinite (if I had friends...).

  15. I've been advocating for that appropriate punishment, after his arrest and fair trial. Sorry, but what he tried to do is not really being properly processed in people's minds

  16. I'd like to think that watching him get hauled off in cuffs will help defang a lot of his more rabid, violent followers.

  17. Nah, it'll cause a lot more idiots to die by law enforcement shoot outs. How many morons threw their lives away simply because the feds executed a lawful search of the traitor's golf resort/palace for stolen classified documents?

  18. So another form of indoctrination for their favorite religion? Here's a better idea: why don't conservative actually follow the teachings of their Christianity, then people may look upon it more favorably.

  19. When I used to work at a McDonald's my mom worked for Symantec, because of course she did.

  20. Texas Paul is a good guy. He genuinely seems like a decent human being. And yeah, I hope the kid is okay and the family gets the help they need.

  21. Hopefully this will end the era of celebrity going forward.

  22. Yes, I've learned that just because trump lost in 2020, we can't go back to not paying attention. I know I mainly speak for myself on that statement. I still can't believe the cancer that is trumpism persists.

  23. It's actually where I first came across this beautiful video and story.

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