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My brother Max dropping in for the first time | 1998

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  1. Gave ya a little jolt of lighting innit?

  2. Definitely when your not expecting it!!

  3. I thought they didn’t get much over 32” - 33”?

  4. Like the Sudbury blueberry bulldogs?

  5. Why does he have 2 sets of eyebrows?

  6. You can get a bidet attachment for your toilet for less than a pack of toilet paper

  7. Beach rod, 3 way leader, Sand weight, 2/0 circle hooks, and Cast net

  8. I’ve gone through several of the green ones

  9. You can catch catfish by sticking your arm in their holes in the south where they get 20lbs on a light diet, catfish eat ANYTHING

  10. Why not just walk it to the second sand bar and throw from there? Free spool back to the shore.

  11. Yea well I’ll be fucking your mum in her bed cunt so suck a salty dick

  12. Calm down bud. You’re moms snatch is so swampy not even ducks unlimited would touch it.

  13. The spillway is my favorite place if I’m fishing from the bank. 155 bridge in coffee city isn’t bad either. The upper end of the lake by chandler is good catfishing.

  14. Liquid IV is my go too. Açaí berry is my favorite. Lemon lime isn’t bad either.

  15. It’s absurdly expensive though - I couldn’t justify the price even though I thought the product was good

  16. It’s not as bad if you buy bulk from Amazon. And when you break it down per packet vs a sports drink that you’d buy from the gas station, it’s pretty much on par.

  17. 2 weeks is long enough. What are the Tinder results?

  18. That’s got to be an amazing experience

  19. I saw someone used grass carp and had good luck

  20. Seen somebody do this and 3 years later they had no vegetation at all. Not saying it wouldn’t work, I just think I would try other options.

  21. I thought this was both universally known, and just one of those things nobody likes to bring up in everyday conversation.

  22. Is not. It’s a bait caster. But everything that I can find on it is in Japanese.

  23. My guy same sounds like an adult doing an impersonation of a kid.

  24. Saxx. Best pair of underwear that’s made.

  25. Walmart has some cheaper priced abu Garcia rod reel combos that’ll get you started with a decent set up. Both spin and bait cast.

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