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  1. Ur not paying enough simple answer, I’m on more than that, a grade sparkie for the win 🥇

  2. It’s pretty simple strat he buys coins very early with low cap then when he starts shilling it he is looking for exit liquidity. Rinse repeat

  3. Sounds like she deserved her half then 🤷‍♀️

  4. When I engaged a lawyer and we got asset tested it came back that my financial contribution was 97% my lawyer informed me that I could pursue this money, it was overwhelming in my favour. However this may cost me 200k lawyer fee and 2-3 years in family court not to mention the turmoil to the children. I weighed it up and went halves, as I do not want my kids to live in poverty. 1st offer from the ex was 70/30 in her favour which was laughable I’m glad we came to an agreement that was amicable, she has easily enough money to support the kids till they are adults if managed responsibly, and I have access to them to be a good dad 😄

  5. He's looking for actual financial advice, not mindless culture war bullshit.

  6. It’s good advice, whereas your comment adds nothing than your opinion.

  7. Hoski dropped from the roof in a cage wearing a leather g-string and angel wings

  8. Tip 0%. I’m not sure what people are referring to as excellent service? Aside from getting a wristy at the end of the meal I’m not sure I can think of what excellent service is? Aren’t they just explaining menu, bringing out food and drinks, clearing the dishes promptly - to me this is standard service someone enlighten me on exceptional…

  9. Agree finally someone with some morals! wristy and/or a good deal on a bag is the only reason I’m tipping

  10. I’m a sparkie and no way an a grade fully licensed would work for that they must be TA’s or something like that.

  11. Get a ceramic coot top cleaning kit from Bunnings use the flat blade to try and scrap of the melted rag.

  12. I’m in a similar position I have put 220k into ANZ plus savings acc 3.35% pa. 190k into Ubank savings acc 3.85% pa. 20k into vanguard Australia shares high yield fund, 10k in vanguard global value equity fund, I am also contributing 500 monthly. 40k into Origin energy, about another 30k into small/mid cap lithium stocks and a further 40k into micro cap miners and bio tech. It’s working pretty well at moment and the bulk of the money is on call.

  13. Sam probably thinks they're cunts, what if he had to go somewhere?

  14. I use pawpaw lotion works a treat, but I have a buzz #2 maybe harder to use if u wear your hair longer

  15. Buy a couple of bags of good potting mix and a bag of salad mix seeds, plant them in a semi shaded spot avoid hot afternoon sun. Fresh salad leaves all summer pick as needed. Get the kids involved fun for everyone

  16. But houses are logically worth different amounts to different people. Imagine a house with a pool. One buyer might look at that house and think 'Great, I've always wanted a pool, putting one in would cost me 30k, so I can pay a bit more for this house'. The next potential buyer might think 'Perfect house, except for the pool. It will cost me at least 20k to fill it in and turn it into lawn, so I'll offer a bit less'. It's subjective, rather than objective.

  17. Yeah, when I purchased my place anything with a pool was off the list immediately.

  18. I work for a large multi national in a field service role, we are trying to hire new techs but can’t get any suitable. Labor market still very tight for electrical tradesmen starting package is 110-120k

  19. Ive tried Maali sky and kind azure. I've found both good for being active or working, aslong as using a smaller doses. I think azure is 70% sativa, not sure about Maali but assumed similar

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