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  1. This subreddit is absolute dogshit you can't share a fucking opinion without being downvoted to oblivion like OP's so let me say this FUCK OFF R/AUSTRALIA

  2. Have there been any notable NRL players that have been on the

  3. "Auckland's flooding" "Don't worry give me another margarita" says Wayne Brown to the security in Haiwaii.

  4. with the simpsons being renewed for two more seasons, its unlikely that moses will stay at the eels. some big movements happening in the player market.

  5. "I want him at the Bulldogs, I want him at the Bulldogs, I want everyone at the Bulldogs"

  6. He won't even get to meet the Bulldogs coach coz coaches last 3.8 minutes at that team 🤣

  7. Even Josh Hodgson’s wife found it impossible not to comment on that photo.

  8. They’ll inevitably be representing the fine ppl of Perth, Western Australia in the near-ish future

  9. Can you take this down and repost in like 20 minutes I'm still trying to figure out a narrative to push as to why this isn't a bad thing for the Dolphins.

  10. Herbie Farnworth is set to reject massive offers from NRL rivals and ink a multimillion-dollar extension at Brisbane in another retention coup for the Broncos.

  11. “Sexuality is very fluid. I’ve been out and kissed many gay men, kissed many straight women and kissed many gay women.”

  12. Is kissed just the family friendly way of saying fucked

  13. Fucking good! Scumbag Dolphins trying to do the under the table deal to get a teenager out of a legally binding contract he signed! If he didn’t like it he shouldn’t have signed! This is a good life lesson for him and quite frankly a lesson for the rest of the teams in the league to be very wary of this kid and to not trust him.

  14. The Broncos’ explosive spat with disgruntled teen Karl Oloapu has gone up a gear after the club placed a $500,000 bounty on the rising star and blocked a proposed move to the Dolphins.

  15. Wade Graham has shed some light on his future, as he prepares to head into the last year of his deal at the Sharks, admitting that this season could be his 16th and final on Australian shores.

  16. To put these guys on the same level as a tradie or nurse injuring themselves at work is disingenuous.

  17. In this article I don’t recall seeing anything about grassroots football… hmmmm how interesting.

  18. How can you defend this people Norm just keeps mumbling on AND ON AND ON AND ON

  19. How does one save for a house if paying rent for 7 years… is that not what you are saying?

  20. Hey Norm your bullshit is getting old go and put your straitjacket on darling it will be OK.

  21. You are making some massive assumptions here… but I get it, for you landlord bad, free housing good…

  22. I thought Scomo was very bad, you'd fuck this country forever if you become PM.

  23. How many basements are there where all the secret money is stashed you reckon.

  24. Didn't know we were posting pictures of dog shit on this sub 😂

  25. Hey Jarome been drunk at a few weddings and spoiling them talking your trash hey.

  26. The older you get the more you realise there are only two types of people in this world: those who consider life as one big Seinfeld episode — and those who do not.

  27. I’ve always wondered why American football college athletes who aren’t quite good enough to play pro aren’t popping up in league. Obviously will take a bit of skills training but some could do it.

  28. I’m all for Shaq as chairman if Charles Barkley becomes NRL boss

  29. Imagine getting those ideas about such a normal image of some lads at the cricket haha.

  30. Obviously taking pre season training preety seriously then. Why draw attention to yourself like that 🤔

  31. You notice how it's always the champs hiding behind their 'I love my footy' flairs that poop on everyone's parade.

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