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  1. And yet you'll still have some men wondering why women won't take a chance on a stranger they met or are super fucking cautious af around men in general.

  2. I'm tired of constantly having my head on a swivel when I'm out in public. I'm tired of racing against the clock to make it home before nightfall. I'm tired of being catcalled every single day. I'm tired of being called a bitch for telling sexually frustrated males to leave me alone. I'm so fucking tired, dude.

  3. That sub is damned to 2016 purgatory.

  4. It's really fucking horrible how normalized beating your children is. I see disturbingly many tiktoks about people joking about running from their mom or dad when they know they're gonna get beat up, or like making jokes about getting hit with a belt or hanger or something. Some parents are disgusting and don't deserve children.

  5. It really is shocking and sad. Corporal punishment is still legal in every U.S. state with varying levels of severity, and despite what every study on the effects of corporal punishment has to say, many people hold the opinion that if it's legal then that makes it okay. Or they say, "Well my parents beat my ass and I turned out fine, so..."

  6. Opposite problem but I am nearly 5’9 and cannot find pants that aren’t above my ankles or dresses that are not “mid”, and definitely haven’t found a mini where my butt isn’t nearly showing for ever. My mum is plus sized and struggles so much to find clothes that aren’t sweat pants and tshirts- Literally if you’re not “average” clothes just generally suck.

  7. For real. I'm 5'6 with extremely skinny giraffe legs and finding pants that go down to my ankles AND don't sag like a trash bag is next to impossible. American pants sizes are way too big, asian pants lengths are way too short.

  8. When I worked at the a movie theater when I was 17 a lady covered a bathroom wall with drawings from her period blood

  9. We live in a zoo and janitors are our zookeepers.

  10. From the original video description: “This was my sister's dog who she only kept to stud out for breeding purposes. she took no time to train him or make him listen. He was a wild dog and she should be ashamed for keeping him out of selfishness and not love.”

  11. An untrained, unloved Pitbull is a goddamn ticking time bomb. It's unfortunate the types of people Pits tend to attract: lazy abusive pricks who want a +1 to their own shitty personality, something to make them feel like a badass, a force to be reckoned with. In turn they breed and encourage these dogs to be as aggressive as possible. Because having a four-legged demon is so cool to these mfs.

  12. Isn't it already clear, that he ensures easy access for his homies?

  13. All you can eat booty buffet for the boys

  14. "Knew that ass was real when I hit, it bounced back." - Abraham Lincoln

  15. The overwhelming majority of men will gladly take what they can get, boob size be damned.

  16. Where I'm from people call this daggering, everytime I have seen it , it has been Jamaican people doing it.

  17. Saw a video some years back of a party where a girl was being aggressively daggered over a balcony rail. Her friends were desperately trying to hold onto her arms to keep the dude from just straight up dryhumping her over the edge to her potential death. Jamaica sure does party hard

  18. "wash my hands when I need to" screams "not after I use the bathroom"

  19. Translates to, "I only wash my hands if there are visible shit flakes under my fingernails"

  20. Where you live has a huge impact on this. Norms vary a ton from city to city, even neighborhood to neighborhood.

  21. Yep. I've lived in many different places, and It's only until I moved to my current hood that I began experiencing sexual harassment. I'll be walking my dog at the crack of dawn in baggy sweatpants and an oversized hoodie, but I'll still have men stop me on the sidewalk to try and pressure me into something sexual. It's a near-daily occurrence and it's fucking awful.

  22. I haven't found a mod to fix this, but you can remove it if you have testing cheats on. Shift click on sim, go to cheat sim info and go to remove lifestyle :)

  23. I feel you. When news about the pronoun feature dropped all I could really think about it was, "Ok. And?" I've got a hard time wrapping my head around peoples' hype for a feature that's only going to alter a few words in a notification popup or moodlet description, but to each their own.

  24. I got 100% in red dead redemption 2, i.e. the fanciest horse game available*. So I’m with you! I used to have horses irl and miss them. Honestly, it’s hard for me to imagine point and click video game horse riding being very fun, but I really want cute horse interactions. Like, my ex-boy used to put his whole giant head against my chest for ear scritches. I would have so much fun with horses as proper pets, with genetics and personality traits.

  25. I've never owned a horse irl, despite persistantly begging my mom for a pony all throughout my childhood 😆 so instead I live out my horsey fantasies through the games I play. With every single legacy I play in the sims 3, I always end up making one or more sims in the family an equestrian.

  26. I would only want horses if they were somewhat realistic horses. Since RDR2 that's a high bar for me.

  27. RDR2's horses are definitely extremely well-done. While I can't imagine EA ever hitting that bar, I'm personally fond of TS4's style and think they executed the look of cats and dogs pretty well. Even if TS4's horses were to somehow fall short in the graphics department, I'm sure there would be plenty of HQ retextures to pick up the slack like there is for TS3's horses.

  28. Gotta stop you there, chief. Had to tell myself that when the same people I would break my back to visit and call couldn't be bothered to text and say hi

  29. ^ This. Always being the initiator becomes draining, and after so many instances of certain friends getting upset when you stop reaching out to them all the time, you gotta let these hoes know that they've got the ability to reach out, too.

  30. 1 Person that doesn't pay attention or do good in school

  31. How likely is it that OP is that one kid in math class that thinks he's about to destroy his teacher with facts and logic when he asks, "Why do we need to learn trigonometry if we're never gonna use it in the real world?"

  32. Almost all women don't think this is equality either, why keep spreading this kind of thinking? Can't we just work together to actually have real equality? Fighting over who has it worse is never gonna solve any problems, it's only gonna create more distance. Let's find ways to understand each other instead of pointing out nonsensical differences

  33. Word. OP's "Us vs them" oppression olympics mentality can kick rocks.

  34. Sims 3 auto roofs be like 🔺️🔺️🔺️🔺️

  35. I used to have this problem for the longest time, but then it magically went away one day after doing some spring cleaning on my mods folder. I have no idea what CC or mod(s) caused it to happen in the first place, and I probably never will.

  36. If all they're putting out is kits then I'm almost glad they're CAS kits because I'm least motivated to buy those. Just keeping more of my money.

  37. Fr. The only kit that had piqued my interest was Bust the Dust because it's the only kit with gameplay elements, but we all know how much of a buggy broken disaster that turned out to be.

  38. It really does look like EA hit the randomize button a few times in CAS to come up with most of these outfits.

  39. In the Sims 2 and 3 I love playing large families with extensive family trees and seeing how things like genetics are passed down through the generations. With the Sims 4 though I'm definitely in the same boat as you. I always get bored after the 2nd or 3rd generation and I start all over with a brand new sim

  40. I usually spend my sims' YA stage focusing on their career or aspiration goals, then let 'em settle down and have kids when they're adults.

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