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My wife walked out on us briefly this morning…

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  1. It broke my heart to read you say, "I'm tired of pouring from an empty cup." You clearly love your kids and have sacrificed a fuck ton to be the dad they deserve but please remember that you won't be able to be that dad anymore when you've crashed and burned or straight up snapped from exhaustionand heartache. So, PLEASE seek help from outside sources, whether that be family or a nanny. If not for yourself and your mental and physical health, then for the health and happiness of your kids.

  2. You captured her features so well! And the fact that it was a speed drawing makes it even more impressive.

  3. Agreed. But it is entertaining to watch a grown man throwing a fit over a packet of candy.

  4. probably should bro, it’s awfully scary

  5. The way he loses it at belinda's love of decoupage brings me to tears every time

  6. “God bless their shitty little lives” never fails to make me crack up

  7. Remember when they were doing the best of book 5 and Alice sounded so offended when they played back that qoute until she realised she was the one who said it? XD

  8. Dick and Fanny... ain't no way Enid didn't know what she was doing.

  9. 95% of yall dont give a single shit about it being unloyal to the source material and were never going to watch it anyways. You're just looking for things to be angry about.

  10. Yeah I find it hilarious that all of a sudden grown men and edgy teenage boys care SO much about a mermaid princess and staying true to the original source material of her story.

  11. Feeling lonely and inadequate because it seems like the person I love the most doesn't want me anymore.

  12. A key that unlocks many locks is a master key, but a lock that is opened by many keys is a shitty lock.

  13. Ah yes. Here the incels go, comparing women to inanimate objects to be used by men again.

  14. I want the cretin who wrote this to tell me what happens if your future husband is the man you had the premarital sex with. Does he get the petals? Does he get a bare stem? I need answers!!

  15. Need to find someone who looks at me the way this kitty looks at their human

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