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Victims' families urged armed police officers to charge into Uvalde school while massacre carried on for upwards of 40 minutes

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  1. The Dean of the University of Virginia Darden has an Ed.D. from Penn and an MBA from MIT.

  2. Notice I did not say it was an absolute. Regardless, the Dean of the Darden school is an outlier. He got his EdD and Deanship in the same year. It was his McKinsey credentials that mattered.

  3. Reason 10,532 why we need not worry about the yuan becoming the world’s reserve currency.

  4. Sadly no advisor. A university advertised the position and its in my area of interest.

  5. Again, there is no way to answer this question. It’s context-dependent at the very least, and you have provided nothing.

  6. I’m a Chelsea fan. But…man. I really don’t want young players to go to Chelsea. The fan base is incredibly toxic.

  7. At least in part, you can thank previous travelers who would try to fudge numbers and have the university pay for upgrades (traveling first class).

  8. You’re linking a study from 1986? While AJPH is a quality public health outlet, it’s statistical standards are much less strict than even mediocre Econ journals, and this “analysis” is really poorly done. There is very little that I would even suggest is causal in this.

  9. Sounds like GGG’s strategy with other dual nats. Encourage them to explore the other teams’ camps and make a decision that fits them the best.

  10. Of course, if not longer. Inflation is persistent, it gets baked into expectations, and it’s hard to combat once it sets in (in part because you have to slow the economy, and that pisses people off).

  11. Inflation is permanent, as well as persistent. There’s no going back, and things will only get worse.

  12. A good guy with a gun did end the shooting, albeit late.

  13. The theory is they prevent them wholly. Either by deterrence or by getting the shooter first.

  14. Which is idiotic because those people are sitting in the safety of their own home, polishing their AR's. Not patrolling elementary schools to "deter others" like they generalize.

  15. Depends on the type of religious school. If it’s someplace analogous to, say, Liberty, while it wouldn’t disqualify her automatically, I’m damn well ensuring that you’re willing to work with a diverse student body and are open to help them.

  16. In the US, it typically takes >4 years to graduate with a PhD. So, it would be incredibly rare for this to happen.

  17. I’ll be glad to destroy your shit links pool pump, but address mine first. That’s how these things work.

  18. Let’s be careful. Helping them “escape” poverty was an accounting trick (give enough $, you go above the poverty line).

  19. Oh fuck off with your idiotic conspiracy nonsense. Stick to the shallow end of the Reddit gene pool.

  20. Your brain cells decided to hold hands long enough to type 3 words? Impressive.

  21. If you’re late, you’re late. He’s actually quite nice giving late people a 60…

  22. Yep. I do agree. But I also feel bad for my classmates who are really unable to attend class at the very least because of their bad internet connection.

  23. It's not mine, it's from a book by some one with experience in the industry. If you had read you'd know. I don't respond to threads with hundred of previous replies, this was intended as a response to another shitty manifesto claiming big government inflates costs. They didn't make a good argument.

  24. I still doubt you've read what I wrote. Where is the manifesto? It's a response to another thread, given its own thread because I don't participate in threads with hundreds of replies.

  25. It’s a terrible application to a mediocre book that is based on a shitty manifesto.

  26. If you’re required to take a class, ghosting it is the literal wrong response.

  27. I agree, should've just taken the class. I understand as I am 32 and it does sound like a bullshit class, but it probably would have been an easy pass

  28. The only time I’ve seen courses like this, it’s an intervention strategy for students in academic jeopardy. As part of their “contract” to continue, they have to take this.

  29. Even if it is my 1st time will I be punished?

  30. It will depend, but yes, first time punishments can range from a grade of 0 on the assignment to an F in the course to suspension/expulsion.

  31. Just like walking them through the syllabus, this is going to go in one ear and out the other.

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