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  1. The fact that everything they do is about money (although this likely is not specific to BU). The last three years they have overenrolled more and more and resources have not kept up. Some of the dorms are bug infested and falling apart, more than half do not have AC, yet BU will keep throwing money where it's not needed just to keep up appearances. They have this fake woke image yet won't do anything about sexual assault allegations against frats, claim to care about students' mental health when a sizeable of professors will refuse to give you an extension if your mom dies or you have covid or something.

  2. All private universities are made greedy , Boston College and Northeastern also both send administrators massive salaries while adjuncts and the quality of education stay the same.For those that say BU should have football, college football coaches make massive salaries when players don't. Boston C football coach makes the same salary as prez brown . I am wildly against college football for that reason, we shouldn't be paying for coaches and trainers millions when only .0001 percent of the school plays football. Wastes a lot of money and tuition dollars should not be diverted to a sport that leads to human beings becoming vegetables. CTE is becoming more common as players have become human tanks and I know someone who played college football and is 28 and is already noticing he forgets stuff easily. It's hard to support football when u see what iit can do . BU dorms aren't great tbh, but they are fine. Every university is fake woke lmao. It suits the university to push a liberal narrative as most 20 year Olds are liberal,but u think BU doesn't engage in shady tax maneuvering and other items. BU is a company at the end of the day . Just like Nike plays up its liberal image while still using borderline slave labor in Southeast Asia, it's convenient to be liberal especially socially liberal as it won't affect ur bottom line.

  3. I mean generous is different for me b/c my income range is 60-80k. Also 250k is more than enough for a decent life lmao.

  4. 130 k plus is enough for a decent life tbh, but even if ur making if your family is making in the low 200s , they can't afford BU outright. Tuition would be 30-40 percent of their income and with a second child or mortgage , no possible way you could afford full. The math doesn't add up unless you've consistently made that much the past 20 years, don't have a mortgage , and put a good amount of money in a college fund.

  5. I’m a student, that is my parents income range. I’m saying BU has been very generous with financial aid for me. I’m saying if you are genuinely paying full tuition, your family can either afford it, or if they can’t, then BU was not a financial smart decision. There’s no reason someone should go to this school without being given financial unless they can afford full tuition. So when considering the original response to this post, it is out of touch to complain about having to pay full tuition when it’s either of the two options I just outlined.

  6. Very true but sadly a lot of kids who are 18 get sucked into the trap of going to BU over a cheaper school and ended up being in insane debt tbh.

  7. What is the advantage for a student to go to these private schools? Do they come out better prepared than public schools? Do they get one foot in the door for the Ivy Leagues?

  8. I looked online and schools like Viewpoint and Buckley send something like 10-15 percent of their class Ivy plus. Harvard-Westlake is closer to 35-40 percent. The college matriculation lists of these schools are pretty insane.

  9. Something to consider too, a lot of Harvard Westlake families are also donors at many of those top universities (back in my day there was lots of overlap between their board and USC's). Not to bag on the school or the families but lots of kids coming out of HW would be just as set had they gone elsewhere. Don't go broke chasing the name of the school, there are lots of options in private schooling here.

  10. HW is considered the best of the privates right and is it all ultra rich kids or are a good amount of kids kids on scholarships?

  11. In Middlesex County: Newton, Cambridge, Arlington, Burlington, Lexington, Acton, Westford, Chelmsford as well as Natick+Ashland.

  12. Boston is more expensive than NYC for equivalent neighborhoods. Rents in Beacon Hill are most expensive than UES. Back Bay is more expensive than UWS or Park Slope. North End is more expensive than Little Italy. JP tends to be more expensive than Astoria - though this is always in flux.

  13. I agree with your points but you have to take into account NYC neighborhoods are much larger.

  14. Education. I vastly underestimated my (public school and state college) education until I traveled for half a dozen years all over the country. Worst I saw was Louisiana, best outside of MA was definitely California. I genuinely don’t understand why more states don’t invest more heavily education.

  15. California has terrible K-12 education lmao. Unless you are in a wealthy Bay Area or LA suburb lmao,

  16. bro u have no chem experience lol u kinda fucked ngl or u gonna be spending 30 hours a week in the library.

  17. I don’t know what the previous structure was like, so I’ll believe you. I still see current students on reddit complaining about it though.

  18. bruh all i know abt CH101 is my 3 of my 5 pre med friends dropped before the year was over, discussion quizzes every week, a lab exam, and lecture questions graded on correctness were their biggest complaints, is that how it is now?

  19. I had CH101/102 during 2021-22. Discussions are optional and only graded on attendance; you may miss one discussion. There are no lab exams, only pre-labs and lab report questions at the end of each lab; lowest lab is dropped. Questions during lecture are only graded on participation, answer 85% of the questions and you’ll receive full participation. The biggest determinants of the grade are exams, which are of less difficulty than discussion questions.

  20. 300 block of Comm Ave Boston. Or one of the row houses in beacon Hill. Followed quickly my an oceanfront on the north shore.

  21. Even coming into BU from a fairly wealthy family (By Texas standards which is 1 house with a pool and semi regular vacations staying in america) I was absolutely shocked by the way people throw around money here. I met people who refused to eat at the dining halls and bought all their meals even after paying for the meal plan. My parents made it very clear that I was going to use the dining plan cuz they weren’t going to waste money on that. Also the amount of people who just casually have a second home or go on international vacations is crazy. I take notes on paper in class and multiple people have asked me why I don’t just get a ipad as if that’s something everyone can do on a whim. I really hope BU gets their act together to help out lower income students. It’s very discouraging to see how prohibitive it is to go to BU and similarly discouraging to see how few people know how lucky they are to be able to go.

  22. the sad thing is BU doesn't care abt lower income students unless its for advertising or to make themselves feel good.

  23. That’s a bold blanket statement. While there’s def a lot more the institution can do, it’s actually make strides at making itself affordable for low income students. I believe there was an article in the last two years about their goal to essentially remove loans from undergraduate aid packages

  24. truthfully, yes for low income students it has gotten better over the past 10 years slightly...... but the school still caters for those at the top truthfully. Yeah, they can say they'll remove loans from aid packages but I won't believe it until I see it.

  25. In terms of 2024 -- assuming Biden runs again, the Party will need to put up a united front against the GOP. (If Biden doesn't run, then Bernie has a small shot, but more likely it would be someone younger and more moderate like Harris or Warren.)

  26. Not sure about monthly passes, but a standard commuter rail ticket from Boston to providence is $12.50 one way and an Amtrak ticket can be had for as low as $6. The pricing on the route is crazy: anywhere from $6 to $50 (for Acela)

  27. I was in Providence one time in college and I took the commuter rail , granted I would finess it , by buying like a Zone 2 ticket and just staying on.

  28. Expensive zones 1a and 1 actually make sense to drive people using other means of transportation and not interfere with long haulers. But other zones are expensive af.

  29. the thing is how much induced demand can you get out of fitchburg or ayer, the people that go to Boston daily go, and there's not gonna me many people that will go daily that otherwise don't have to go.

  30. I never understood the obsession with Market Basket. It's not like people do not have other options; for example, we have Stop & Shop, Big Y, Aldi, Target, Walmart, Whole Foods, and locally (Western Mass), we have Big E and River Valley Co-op. And that's not counting all the small mom-and-pop type little shops around us. I just checked Market Basket's website, and their prices are comparable to nearly everyone else.

  31. Growing up,my family went to these random usually ethnic markets in Dorchester plus occasionally Stop and Shop in Quincy.

  32. The last gubernatorial candidate to get more than 50% of the vote was Charlie Crist in 2006. Any prediction which expects more than about a 2% margin of victory (which also hasn't been crossed since 2006) sounds to me like it's being made by someone who doesn't understand this state politically. Whoever wins, it will be close.

  33. My sister lives in Lowell so I'll give what I see. Feels safe, a lot of restaurants/bars/ small businesses etc.

  34. These are a lot of regulations to enforce on a *private* institution. There would be no precedent in the history of the country for these sorts of regulations on almost any privately owned entity. You did meation how back in the day (1990s) tuitions were much lower. So my question for you is: did they need such a high amount of regulations in order to have such low tuition rates back then? On the contrary it seems that they were largely unregulated but still managed to give students back then a lot of value in their education compared to colleges now.

  35. Is there an income cutoff for this relief? I ask because the majority of student loan debt is held by people in the top 1/3 of income earners. This includes the highest earners including millionaires and beyond. I just dont understand why anyone that makes over 80k (I'm willing to negotiate income) and is already paying back their loans needs 10k from the government. Again, this is the group that's getting the most relief. It's seems like a slap in the face to all the lowest earners in society. Imagine wanting your government to give out debt relief to its highest earners with the homeless and infrastructure problems we have in the US.

  36. limit is 125k , and I know many college grads that wont even qualify that have debt

  37. The lots under a million are 1 acre whereas the ones over are closer to 2 acres.

  38. Uh, that's an interesting turn to the conversation.... I'm going to peace ✌️ out now.

  39. I can’t seem to find anywhere that tells me how much these units are going to go for, both for those who are paying full price and those who qualify for a subsidize rate.

  40. The development has not been built , so we have no idea how much they would go for.

  41. There’s a house in weston that has both a BLM sign and a “Support our police” one. Rich liberals are weak spineless losers with no convictions or beliefs.