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I am ashamed and embarrassed to be an American

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  1. Except if you don't drive a car then you don't get any benefit from the money that you paid. Still a subsidy. The fact remains, you need to wean yourself off of cheap gas and you are consuming it at an unsustainable rate.

  2. Yet you forget. Building an EV is more harmful on the environment, than a traditional car. Add to that the rare earth materials needed to build an EV, are not done cheaply (or in the USA under current guidelines). And there is a finite number of EV's currently available.

  3. No, I don't forget. Cars are bad and we have screwed ourselves for decades by building infrastructure that relies on cheap gas and using cars to get around. I agree with

  4. Yet believing you can be within walking distance or public transportation distance to every job, is a flawed logic! I have no inclination to live within 25 miles of my official duty station for my job. Not a straight shot. Not near public transportation. So you want me to abandone my job, or live close enough to be a high crime area?

  5. In the country where you live, do women wear tops to the beaches? If no, what you are doing is perfectly fine.

  6. In the first scenario when the buyer dies right before closing, the seller could file suit but why would they want to? In order to file suit, they have to wait for the estate to be opened, wait the required months/years for a court date, and then not knowing, may have nothing in the estate to buy the house with. Most home purchases are financed, and the estate cannot be made to take a bank loan to pay you.

  7. I thought you were making this story up, until I was able to verify it. Shocking! Absolutely, google could be sued, But you would have to prove that management was aware of the behavior, and did not stop it.

  8. You mean a company who hires thousands each year of both sexes, will notice that one department may hire a percentage less of woman? You assume many things. You assume he is the only interviewer for his area/department. In my department, we have 5 interviewers who then make recommendations.

  9. How do you know she left it there a month ago? Did you find it, and tell her you would keep it until you could give it back?

  10. so, do you think I am obligated to replace the $100 charger even if I’m broke

  11. Getting married normally does not affect SSDI (unless your SSDI is based no Childhood Disability Benefit). But getting married can affect any SSI you receive.

  12. Really? A 'Man' who the OP explained now identifies as a woman (pregnant woman) makes a post. The very definition of the LGBTQ+ community is singled out by the OP. Yet you support the discrimination. WOW! Just WOW!

  13. You said "i'm going through a federal appeal for Social Security Disability benefits". Please explain on why you are filing suit for SSDI, but then want to refuse it?

  14. When I applied for Disability I didnt apply for SSDI or SSI thats the decision they made , I was already receiving welfare when I applied so from someone else I shouldve been SSI

  15. Yet, a non answer! You claimed you are appealing your SSDI claim in federal court. Please explain! Yet you want to withdraw your SSDI claim. Explain!

  16. First, you can't prove it was me. The video only shows my backside (no face). LOL

  17. TBH, it sounds like either he is very depressed or he is no longer interested in you. He may have found someone else and does not know how to end things.

  18. Only as long as social media does not operate in Florida. Social media would have to restrict their use, in only the states they want to be subject to the laws of.

  19. That's what I'm asking. They don't operate in Florida. They operate in California.

  20. But social enterred into a contract with someone in the state of Florida. That is the point. The users did not drive to California to enter the contract. But social media agreed to the contract IN Florida.

  21. Where are you? That is obviously not in the USA. Are you in Cuba, Venezuala, Russia?

  22. You are ignoring the facts, is a HUGE issue. You are trying to politicize this tragedy is ABHORRENT!.

  23. There should just be more drastic measures being put in place to make sure that stuff like this doesn’t happen.

  24. Perhaps some restrictions or new rules for actually getting a gun. Maybe bring more awareness to mental illnesses and other issues so less dangerous people get a gun and use it

  25. Yet the criminals have no restrictions on getting a gun. You want to limit a law abiding citizen from getting gun to protect themselves and their family?

  26. You omitted so many points. What about the increased taxes? What about the constant drought? The Earthquakes? The wildfires? The increased housing prices. Depending on where you move, is your vote worthy of counting?

  27. When and where are you changing your name? If you are in the USA when you attempt the name change, then no problem. No translation needed. But if you were in a foreign country and attempted the name change before you came to the USA. Then you needed your original documents and proof of name change.

  28. You are in dangerous territory right now. Without a legal documenting outlining now, who owns what, what is to stop your cousin or friend from taking the ideas already thrown about to someone else)? You need to detail who owns what now and/or percentages of ownership.

  29. That’s a very good point, I didn’t think of that. I’ll definitely talk to them and establish some brief agreement. I don’t think a full formal contract should be necessary as long as I get in writing (text) something confirming that, right?

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