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  1. Hey OP, since no one is really giving you any real answers, here you go:

  2. This is cringe as fuck. You do realize how big Canada is, right? Just go somewhere that interests you and smoke some weed to enhance the vacation. If you are coming here to just smoke weed that is stupid.

  3. Dude, they are clearly just saying that while they visit Canada they want to also check out some weed stuff. funny how a cannabis subreddit like this one is so consistently toxic and angry. Probably why this sub is dying and gets a fraction of the engagement it did a few years ago.

  4. For anyone who reads the headline and thinks this is just a San Francisco problem:

  5. The article doesn't seem to discuss why this is the case, though. that's what I'm interested in. It's great to highlight the problem but how about we understand how we got here?

  6. This is exactly it, ESSA modified NCLB allowing states to basically dictate their own standards, and because of that states can just lower it to whatever bar that they want as long as they show "growth"

  7. That's not at all what I said and the kind of nonsense strawmen that play right into the GOPs framing of the debate. Debate in good faith.

  8. "the democrats are going to IMPLODE in the next election," says increasingly nervous poster for the 54th election in a row

  9. Well that’s why the “come here LEGALLY” people have always been full of shit because they never turned around and proposed a solution to the “problem” of illegal immigration with an easier and more open immigration system.

  10. And that's just one of their goalpost-moves. They don't want them in the US legally. In fact, they prefer them in contry illegally because A) its good for industry to have frightened low wage workers unaware of their rights and B) because their presence in the country than also serves as a boogeyman to use to rally their base.

  11. We believe in supporting this industry and are the first large LP to make this change, with the hope that others will follow. Without retailers like yourselves, the industry doesn’t survive and the race to the bottom doesn’t support healthy margins and growth for our retail partners. The change is minimal, but it is a step in the right direction. -another part of the email

  12. I'm confused. Your post made it seem like you're a retailer, but your comment here says you're a producer?

  13. Why gym man leave stuff? No! I lift. Blood dumb.

  14. OP's account is weird. They just post screenshots of popular tweets all day long.

  15. This is a dumb argument. Don't platform this. Dark Brandon would not support this Malarky. It's also just factually incorrect. Bullets were not invented in 1847.

  16. I'd expand on that and say reddit and social media in general want everyone to think society is an apocalyptic wasteland. The Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt is sowed from all versions of the extremes and all seeks to undermine the foundations of stable society.

  17. Where? I see comments like yours that are saying this is happening but where are the comments?

  18. But you'll casually see indian men on reddit whining about how they're opressed.

  19. Someone can be a sexist piece of crap and also be part of an oppressed class.

  20. What's funny about this is Henry did basically nothing to address covid, laughed at masking rules, yet you conspiracy theorists still act like you were locked in your homes or something. Persecution fetish is real.

  21. So what do you call banning people from traveling within their province exactly? What do you call banning social gatherings outside the household exactly? What do you call saying only ten people could entire a private home? What do you call only allowing 50 percent capacity at sporting events? The list goes on. Don't act like there weren't any covid restrictions in B.C.

  22. My mom caught me blowing some dudes in an ally for spare change.

  23. Did you finish them off before addressing her catching you?

  24. What sort of requirements do they have over there for new cops? Do they have any requirements?

  25. Untrue and not how "immunity" would work here, anyway.

  26. So if you go to the TikTok video, the OP says in the comments that the police are working on getting a warrant to arrest.

  27. Are you saying random text on a video isn't conclusive fact??

  28. Both sides got more votes. There were more people voting. He got a lower percentage.

  29. Cool well it just got debunked for you for the first time too then!

  30. "Debunk" generally requires actual info, not just saying "nuh uh".

  31. Why does it seem like there isn’t a single judge out there that is also a decent empathetic human being

  32. Why do you blindly believe a one sided tik tok story with zero evidence?

  33. She's just looking for a way to get that house

  34. Didn't read the article, but based on the headline: using immigration (even just the word) is some bullshit see-through scapegoat for the actual issue.

  35. Considering it's written by a fucking realtors association who are buttuhurt at the foreign homebuyer ban and want more houses to sell, yeah.

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