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  1. Oh my bad, am I to get your permission before I give my opinion? Really, what made you think this isolated comment displaying my own opinion and criticism of a media you had no part in creating was at all directed to you? And even if it was, why would I have to ask you? You gain or lose absolutely nothing by reading my comment, except for a bit of time. However you cannot even use that argument because you took the time to reply to my comment. Tell me, farade, how did this comment effect you? How does it concern you? Is it that the senseless hollow comedy you have grown to love and adore until you mature and realise it’s fucking retarded is under attack by some random person on the internet? Or is it that you believe every opinion posted on the internet is required to have your permission? I don’t need anyone’s permission to post my opinion. I mean this very sediment of people saying “didn’t ask” to things that don’t require permission to say is not only stupid but also incredibly easy to counter. You realise I could just say “didn’t ask” back to your comment and it would actually carry way more weight because your comment was directed towards me, while mine was not directed towards you? Do you think the universe revolves around you? Is your urge to reply “didn’t ask” to things that never concerned you an egotistical thing? I mean it would make sense with a name like “farade”. Is it because you are constantly made fun of and entirely alone in real life, and you need to go onto the internet to grasp at ways to make yourself feel in control and superior? Inflate your ego to overcompensate for it being so fragile? And I know what you’re going to reply with, or at least what your first instinct is. “Didn’t ask.” And I’m here to tell you now it ain’t funny, it’s just predictable.

  2. being racist doesn’t make you sigma what’s wrong with you people??? idc if this gets downvotes you guys need help

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