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  2. Bhai yeh game khelne mai maza aata hai par audience ko dekhne mai boring lagega.

  3. He already got a pretty long to-play list he mentioned it in his video (I think it was in the latest elden ring vid or the one before it )

  4. If we're talking about actual fanservice a lot I hope If we're talking about the sexual fanservice I hope none. Nier fanbase is already annoying as it is

  5. Aww it looks like the paper dolls I used to play with as a kid. And no, I'm not 90 years old

  6. Yes or I don’t wanna go I wanna do stuff I do down here up there

  7. Your thinking about humans abusing Androids whilst iam thinking about much much worse scenario: "riruru" and just in case if you don't know then in simple words:

  8. In simple words: think of yourself, a stranger in a strange world with an YoRHa unit who's fully aware of your identity but keeps it into themselves because they didn't wanted anyone to know about it which (being selfish?) Because sometimes Androids only thinks for themselves rather than the others

  9. A guy here, i liked this girl who's skin tone was darker and was an introverted.

  10. Glad to hear about another person discovering these amazing stories, games, songs, characters, even landscapes

  11. I wish I still was the same person as my old self when it was my peak moment of fascination with Nier and Yoko Taro's works

  12. It was during early days when it was launched and during that church hype and in future maybe just..... maybe during the launch of the automata anime (would only happen if they wouldn't poorly produce it)

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