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  1. He’s a Cali nigga bro😭 he not putting jay or nas above snoop or dre

  2. Jayy Grams if you like Denzel curry/schoolboy q style plus he from Baltimore 💪🏾he part of smoke dza rap group

  3. Strange cause his boss J. Cole was producer of Hiiipower. I wonder if it's cause of another sample tho

  4. This was from NERDs album. Not MMATBS. All the information you need for unreleased stuff is on the tracker

  5. I thought it was because part of this verse was on count me out, but that makes sense

  6. Literally said “Jesus, JoJo and Mary” lol not hard to figure out

  7. I think his next album will be a collaboration album with baby keem. I don’t think it’ll have any deeper meanings or be a concept album. Just them having fun. This generations watch the throne if you will.

  8. I mixed it up lol I’m the bar he hates the drink but when he leaves he said “the frog is awfully good here today”

  9. I mixed it up lol I’m the bar he hates the drink but when he leaves he said “the grog is awfully good here today”

  10. You didn’t like bad luck or angel? Those are the type of songs I wanted for the whole album

  11. Kendrick don’t rap like he use to gkmc era, like nobody use to be able to touch him on a track now he singing and shit lol it’s still good music but I miss aggressive Kendrick

  12. Nah he didn’t fall off he just don’t rap like he’s tryna be the best anymore, the artistic songs are good but I like Maad city, Ronald regan era, heart part 2 Kendrick

  13. We should have left her in the 2000s atp she gonna rap all monotone and barely even rhyme, abc 123 ass raps🤦🏾‍♂️

  14. Idk why people don’t like the skits it’s like a gkmc vibe, the last one is crazy lol

  15. Shark probably let u slide, male lions don’t fight like that and they have the stamina of a obese child, polar bears and tigers can climb swim jump and run and they don’t stop until they catch u so u would just be fucked

  16. doubt it, i’m assuming he’ll push one more single out before then (also chris brown and giveon are both dropping albums this friday)

  17. If he waits then that’s gonna be the same day as Beyoncé isn’t it?

  18. If this nigga has a drake and Kendrick feature on the same album he’s the goat

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