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Part 2 (stop before you drive this economy off a cliff)

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  1. There’s an iOS app called Verbare that’s pretty good and there’s a free limited version.

  2. Lots of folks here have ordered from Espresso Coffee Shop, haven't heard any bad experiences. Make sure the machine you order has a 110v model available, and double-check the shipping before you hit purchase.

  3. Second this. I ordered a grinder from them and got it quickly. They also offer coupons for discounts.

  4. I would personally start drinking the June bag and maybe freezing half of it. July bag I would maybe leave out another few days then freeze as well.

  5. Thanks for the advice. I’d hate to waste the beans. I’ll follow your advice. Thanks again.

  6. Picture 3 - someone looks like he needs that espresso! Nice looking drink

  7. Gotta go with the old man … but they both look pretty tasty!

  8. He should ask her: “hey bitch did you vote for all the stimi packages … then you own this”

  9. You sound like one of the 20 year old pricks that Biden hired. Get a life

  10. Amazeballs. Can we get the recipe?

  11. I second that request. Looks amazing and I’m sure tasted even better!

  12. 13.8% in the 80s? What were home loans like?

  13. Mortgage rates were around 16.5%. Paul Volker was Fed Chair and had to raise rates like crazy to kill inflation.

  14. Looks to be a very authentic letter. I’d have no problem giving her my bank account information since this is clearly on the up and up!

  15. Good on ya brother! Enjoy the time with your young ones …

  16. Armed robbery or smash and grab is always an option …

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