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  1. Frisk can reload, don’t forget. And Taundereplane is, well, a plane.

  2. Flowey proves that if someone has a higher amount of determination, you lose that ability. Well, humans probably all have the same amount, so frisk won't be able to reload

  3. What if you had another soul that isn't Determination, like integrity for example.

  4. Every human soul has determination, that's how alphys got it

  5. Holy crap, if Spamton is like archangel Gabriel, then Mike is like archangel Michael, celebrated on same day as Gabriel.

  6. Spamton is pretty similar to Lucifer, both were Big Shots, (Lucifer was a high ranking archangel) and they both fell, they both seek power and want to rule over something. And who banished Lucifer to hell?

  7. Though he seems to care about Mike for some reason. At least enough to defend him from Tenna's crew.

  8. That's what confuses me about spamton, he seems to also hate Mike with his line in his shop calling him a criminal. But he also likes Mike.

  9. White heterosexual Christian males have the *explicit* authority in many cases to determine whether or not you have a job based on their opinion of your sex life or gender identity. It's been like this FOREVER.

  10. Name me the person who had the "power" to get a hetero person fired for "talking wrong" to them. Name me that person.

  11. Op was mainly talking about Twitter and its whole canceling thing.

  12. Spamton neo has higher attack and defense than Jevil, plus the ability to raise his defense drastically

  13. jevil can teleport and his very quick but im must aggre they are pretty equal. i forgot about raising his defence after having low hp which actually makes him equal to jevil

  14. I don’t get it. Why are people talking about Spamton referencing a being named Tenna when he CLEARLY says Mike? Or was there some change in Deltarune Ch2 that I don’t know about?

  15. i personally agree with the "difference" theory, since the teasers have given us stuff that draws from wild west and gangster content: a far cry from the fantastical swords and sorcery and futuristic dark world the knight made. i dont know why you included chapter 4 too though

  16. I was meaning to say a little theory that chapter 4 will be the dark world you're actually supposed to be in, not chapter 3's, but Kris made that fountain, breaking the flow

  17. We found a virus capable of fighting bacteria that is unable to harm a human, so we have that under control

  18. I just realized, TV has televangelists, a way to podcast religious dogma (Not saying preaching is bad, but these guys are just scam artists)

  19. I somehow doubt that in either route. Spamton considers Kris a friend, sure, but Spamton is the kind of person where that's almost certainly worse than him not considering you at all.

  20. I know, but Kris seems to at least tolerate him. He does as Spamton says and goes alone, we never tell Kris to tell Susie to stay.

  21. Mmm, good point. I'd still hesitate to call it friendship but Kris is definitely willing to treat him as an ally.

  22. Yeah, Kris definitely wouldn't consider him a good friend, but just a "Friend"

  23. There is a small exclusive line with spamton that you can only get if you've aborted Snowgrave at the last minute. If you defeat normal spamton in the alleyway via fighting, before he runs away he will say "JUST BECAUSE YOU BOUGHT MY [[Commemorative Ring]] DOESN'T MEAN YOU CAN BEAT ME UP!!"

  24. That line just tells us how much of a selfish asshole spamton is.

  25. Just saying Spamton literally corrupts queen's mansion but fails to corrupt the literally giant fracking statue. GIGA Spamton like in a different snowgrave was a missed opportunity

  26. My dude just got there, he's working on becoming neo, give him some time

  27. As much as I love sans, I firmly believe he will play no meaningful role in Deltarune. I definitely do not want him to be the end of genocide again. Let the dude get some rest.

  28. I want him to have a role, just you never fight him no matter what route

  29. Thanks for curing my ADHD bro, you're a life saver

  30. No, it’s an error. SteamDB confirms the release date wasn’t manually updated.

  31. No? He immediately moves onto the "Nothing" attack

  32. I like it but I don’t know how accurate it is. We would have to get a clear cut answer with audio files and maybe word from Toby Again this is my favorite so far I seen

  33. Do monsters have blood in Deltarune? Because if we're going by Undertale logic, they don't have any blood, just dust. Unless that counts as Monster Blood? Thus why Kris would get a zero since they don't have any?

  34. There's an unused sprite of Susie bleeding. So, maybe? But maybe only in the dark world for some reason?

  35. The theme of the secret bosses isn't freedom, it's accepting yourself for who you really are.

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