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  1. Good to see the small teams get good results. Keep up the hard work!

  2. So happy. Its been awhile since my favorite truck series driver won!

  3. This is the song I said also! Every time I hear this song on the radio I think of Pierce singing this song

  4. The Way it is by Bruce Hornsby. Every time I hear that song I imagine Pierce singing his rip off version

  5. I was a bit older when the Cars movie came out so I will have to go with Gimmie Some Lovin’ from Days of Thunder or any Creedence song.

  6. Expecting a big game out of Ortega and Schwindel. They hit well against Brubaker

  7. Is there any reason for us to shove our Ortega or Schwindel anymore? Let Nelson keep figuring it out, call up Mervis for a shot. I don’t think anyone is interested in trading for older replacement level players, so it’s futile for us to put them in the lineup.

  8. Ortega and Schwindel hits well against Brubaker. Plus I believe Frank hits well against the Pirates in general

  9. Don’t like Ty at all but will be interesting to see how he competes with the big boys.

  10. Go for Bayne for the 2011 500. Thatll still be a really pretty paycheck

  11. I won big that day. I believe it was 85-1. Something like that. Trevor had a lot of speed during the Duel and I figured it was going to be an upset due to the two car tandem draft. Never won anything big like that before or after lol.

  12. When I was an intern working on my capstone project, I gave my number and email to many nascar drivers asking if I could interview them. One of the very few who responded back was Matty D. This was years ago when he was driving for Joe Gibbs Racing and he answered every question I had for him.

  13. I'm the same way. I'm no Toyota fan even though I'm Japanese. And it's because I find their cars incredibly dull. There are plenty of reasons why fans may dislike Toyota. Just like others have reasons to dislike Ford or Chevy.

  14. I’m Japanese and I feel the same. Not the biggest fan of Toyota but they do belong in the sport.

  15. A lot of the Hendrick paint schemes from 2008 onward. Its either hit or miss imo

  16. Yes. I use the Verstappen shop all the time.

  17. Don’t mean to hijack this thread, but what’s the best website to buy in the US?

  18. I am in the US and I use poleposition.NL for a lot of my models. They have been reliable for me.

  19. I was in Daytona for the 400 that July. Horrible situation all around. At one point I thought it was snowing because of all the ash falling from the sky.

  20. What a coincidence! It was supposed to be my first race also! Unfortunately couldn't make it at the rescheduled date.

  21. At first I was impressed that he was willing to go to a race shop and apologize to an opposing crew...until I remembered that he drove for Kaulig lol.

  22. I'd say we're probably down to four. I can't see making up 60+ points on three very consistent drivers and this version of Will.

  23. I am a bit more optimistic and say that the top 6 has a chance. Never count Dixon out even on a "down," year.

  24. I feel that everyone under McLaughlin (7th) is done when it comes to the championship.

  25. Does anyone else think that Grosjean brought the F1 mentality into Indy Car ("teammate is your biggest rival") which is why guys like Rossi have little to no patience with him?

  26. The rival thing is taken out of context. You are compared to your teammate stat-wise, yes - but that's the extent of it. Crashing into them is very highly frowned upon.

  27. Um how do we know? A lot of things happen behind closed doors that we don’t know about. I used to work in the Motorsports industry in PR and only 50% of what happens behind the scenes are advertised to the public.

  28. Tim Salmon from the Angels is the worst. I had four interactions with him and it was all negative.

  29. He didn't deserve the ride to begin with. He had one good season in NASCAR but aside from that his stats were underwhelming. No wins in the Truck series despite being in KBM equipment and did not win a race last year despite being in JGR equipment.

  30. Hmm Rusty Wallace--Bobby Labonte--Sterling Marlin--Jamie McMurray---Working in the sport (couldn't really have favorites during this time)-Jamie McMurray again-Clint Bowyer-and now Brad Keselowski/Ryan Blaney.

  31. Not doing burnouts is exactly why I began cheering for him. Sure they’re fun but I always feel bad for the guys in the engine shop when I see a burnout. Of course you and I are both old enough to remember when the winner would just go straight to victory Lane with no front stretch celebration, but as far as celebrations go I love victory laps (bonus points for Polish victory lap). Out of curiosity, what was your job in the sport? Always love hearing from people who have worked in the sport

  32. I used to work in marketing and later PR in NASCAR! I used to work for several teams including Roush and Red Bull Racing. I left the sport because 1.) my family and friends live on the west coast and was tired of traveling back and forth 2.) I was able to find a job that had better benefits and better pay and 3.) this was around 2015...NASCAR as a whole started to cutback on jobs such as PR and marketing.

  33. What were the protestors protesting about? Were they really sitting on the track?

  34. We'll see...easy to say such statements after winning a race. Let's see how Ty reacts when put into an adverse situation.

  35. Used translate on the terms of the website, they only ship within Japan sadly.

  36. Damn thanks for the translation. It’s a great model but now will have to buy it at scalpers cost.

  37. 2007 Sonoma. McMurray led a bunch of laps but ran out of fuel with 2 laps to go

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