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  1. It will be funny for a few weeks and then Bama will still go to the playoff lol.

  2. And you all will cancel your bowl game. All will be right with the world still.

  3. One of my favorite things related to that feeling is reading the game threads when our games are close and then when we pull ahead in certain games watching the activity come to a crawl in those same threads. You see so many random flairs shit talking and then it just dwindles down to Bama fans and a few of our opponents fans. Glorious.

  4. My wife and I are going to the GAME! We are flying in from LA (Los Angeles), not lower Alabama, on Thursday afternoon, spending the night in New Orleans. Then Friday, seeing family in Alabama, driving up on Saturday, exploring Tuscaloosa.

  5. Oh I care about them. I just recognize that they are kinda wonky for the majority of the season until teams at the top start losing

  6. Remember when Alabama lost to A&M and they dropped to #3, still ahead of several undefeated teams

  7. But they did drop and in the last ranking 2nd. So would you say it was correct?

  8. Better to be dumb and lucky than smart and unlucky.

  9. Also, Bama fans. You are literally getting to witness the greatest football program in history. Why are you all getting so butthurt that you have haters? Enjoy the damn ride. Quit whining that people want you to lose

  10. I am never mad at haters; I understand them; they make me smile.

  11. And that is cool. That's what haters should do for you when you are on top. Just frustrated by the amount of whining from Alabama fans that people are cheering for them to lose lol

  12. Arkansas fan every team has its fans that are whiny and rude and just don’t get it don’t love the game for the love of the game.

  13. Explain to me now why he graciously lose at every table he plays and i never see him do anything like that. But then come a couple playing together at the table, one guy staking the other girl, she play the weirdest hand most pro have ever seen then, give back the money when confronted?

  14. These are words of reason and truth and are NOT welcome here.

  15. Calling with J4o there is technically the right move, but damn it takes discipline.

  16. If you know the cards yes. But with out knowing the cards it is a Suicidal call.

  17. The B1G is coming back from picking up smokes any minute now.

  18. There is a huge difference from playing part time with a full time job, vs poker being your only job.

  19. I always assumed it didn’t work within the game client because of security features to prevent this.

  20. Bro knows he has played Texas and was almost a big reason the lost

  21. “I know we were schedule to have a game, but WHAT ARE YOU MF’S DOING HERE?!??” -Will Anderson Jr probably

  22. I was looking on Poker Atlas and some of the buyin amounts are downright moronic in LA. Who even plays 1/2 with an 80 max? Looks like it’s 5/5 or nothing. Thank you.

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