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  1. I'm just tired. Sometimes, the energy is running extremely low and needs a couple days to recharge.

  2. Round the twist had a banger of an opening theme song.

  3. The last Madden I bought is whenever AB was on the cover. Played for a month and deleted it. Haven't bought a Madden since. I'll buy Madden again if I can import my NCAA roster from the actual game

  4. Absolutely amazing soundtrack. Also, clever advertising that they had in this game, too. Mountain Dew, Butterfinger,

  5. Go to the dentist 🥴😅. Oh sweet joy it would be

  6. Young Juatice kinda had a storyline about this, or maybe, but I forgot. Batman formed a group of outsiders that quit the Justice League.

  7. I have dyslexia so ehhh. Still had to reread it a couple times before it kicked in.

  8. Still continue to do that same thing. People get down with wild stuff. I used to work for a alcohol PR team, and they would send us all over the world to promote, people meet, ect ect. My one buddy loves older women. He was taking them back to his room every other night. It was either off Tinder, or most likely, and "street worker" he would meet at our events.

  9. 34 yes old and toothache. Dental insurance is still crazy expensive. I'm saving up hopefully, but I want to slam my face of a brickwall to switch up the pain.

  10. Be prepared for anything and everything to be said, assume you know, but not surprised when it's complete opposite

  11. Honestly, it would have to be Jason. That is for pure survival reasons, too. I respect Grayson, I like his logic and learning leadership, but I need to look out for me. Jason has that soldier survival mentality, and when you are out in the street in Gotham or whatever shady city, you need to think about yourself and not about the goons' safety.

  12. I'm not a big comic reader, I was as a child. However, introductions of characters and backgrounds, along with timeliness, too. From comics to DC animation, I feel like it has been easy for me to jump right back in with certain stuff going on.

  13. OMG, Woolworth's! You dug DEEP into the memory crates for this one. I remember the diner with those banging milkshakes! And Woolworth's is where I first came to learn the meaning of the word "layaway".

  14. Yea, the one in my city/town had a diner in it, too. It was one of the last indoor smoking places that I remember, too. Food wasn't bad, I think it was simple style food.

  15. You know what's good! That was the spot back in the days

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