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  1. How did you end up being one?

  2. Reading. Light novels, Webnovels, manga, manhua, manhwa, irl novels. I can literally spend 12+hours reading. I can read 100+ manga/manhua/manhwa chapters in a day or 2. I thought it was nothing before everyone was surprised by that number lol

  3. How and when did you start cause jeez

  4. As a gay person it’s usually my go-to when someone asks when I first realised I wasn’t straight. Like that’s not really how it works

  5. So you dont feel like at any point of your life you have been heterosexual? (ignore my ignorance IYKWIM) And have you felt like pressure to not be homo?

  6. This may be a bit delicate, but how's it going, like what were the first reactions to you coming out, have people treated you differently, etc?

  7. The sun dying out in billions of years. I somehow thought that would kill me.

  8. Milt. Literally the sperm sac of a fish.

  9. In what moment do you say yes to eating that xd

  10. Just started breaking bad i watched a season in 2 days

  11. hahaha ill take a look at the video

  12. Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers

  13. closed my eyes and sang along, master piece

  14. Being waterboarded by the CIA at 3 in the morning, during a violent snowstorm after being sleep deprived for 19 hours.

  15. Wait what the hell.. story time?

  16. hahahaha do you see him often or ur just excited to see him daily?

  17. Fantastic sights, and food. Crazy fucking drivers. So many beggers. I went about 10 years ago.

  18. Didnt notice the beggers i guess cause i was only 3 days there but yep, scary traffic an really dirty city but amazing to visit as well.

  19. My American born son lives there happily with his family. (He now has dual citizenship) He has told me that once I visit, I won’t want to go back… Given the state of US politics I am inclined to believe him.

  20. In which way is it that bad in the US cause im from Spain and I dont really know whats going on. I always felt like Spain has a bad politic system too but im starting to realize that in comparison its not bad.

  21. Our Democratic process(not to be confused with the Democratic Party) has devolved into ridiculous party line propaganda that has ultimately divided the country as a whole. Everyone has been pitted against everyone else. There’s no sense of community any more ACCORDING TO THE MEDIA. So many citizens are so media-focused that they tend to leap to unrealistic solutions, which then becomes a voting point at the polls. What America needs is a strong third party. Libertarian is my first personal choice ( stay out of my business, I will pay my dues and obey laws of the land, however you don’t get to say what I must or mustn’t do with my money, person or property.) We are absolutely backwards in health care and social services for our CITIZENS and we have no business giving perpetual assistance to non citizens.

  22. If I need to take decisions quickly, BAD, i just overthink everything and the rest of the group seats waiting me for me for an hour to make a decision.

  23. It may sound too simplistic but money, idk if it does or not buy happiness, but it just makes a lot more easy

  24. A memory that keeps coming to my head is when I was a toddler (prolly like 5 years old) and my parents where arguing, I once tried to make them hold hands and both let go of me at the same time abruptly. Idk it feels kinda stupid now but it has stayed with me.

  25. idk i guess just saying that, so saying like "i know it's hard for you to trust someone like me who you may not know really well but i do enjoy being with you cause i do think that you're worth it so i would love to become someone who you can talk to at any situation"

  26. Country lmao like it’s actually decent

  27. hahaha i'll take a look at that, any recomendations?

  28. In my case, indie / alternative music

  29. Pa amb tomaquet (bread with tomatoes) and calçots amb romescu (idk the translation), repectively. i'm catalan (:

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