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  1. I would say that OP and his "customers" are using Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS.

  2. I had the same problem with Dell Optiplex Ultra 7090, so maybe not just HP, eh?

  3. I'm in the midwest and paid $3.89/Gallon the other day. Most of the country is at the $4+/Gallon mark.

  4. Here is 6$ per gallon and average salary is araound 2000$ per month before taxes.

  5. If anybody want to know, 2000$ before taxes is here aroud 1323$ after taxes

  6. The EU are funding this war by the way. If they stopped buying Russian gas and oil then Putin's regime would collapse and the Russian economy would collapse.

  7. ...and that how it is and there is no easy way out of it. If you want economic collapse of EU then ban gas.

  8. Ich speak english very loše ali most ništa

  9. I was thinking...would it be possible for NATO to occupy some important Ukrainian areas in order to prevent Russian attacks in those areas and freeing the Ukrainian troops to commit to recapturing the areas that are now occupied? With EU and US soldiers in other key areas, Ukranian army could commit 100% to places like Maripul. And that wouldn't be NATO attacking Russia.

  10. Isn't there already an effective no-fly zone in the western and central Ukraine?

  11. It is not the same as military enforcement from the outside party and from my understanding NATO didn't gave a lot of anti air systems (if we are specific non if we exclude S 300 system from Slovakia)

  12. One would think that by now, people would always check. I know that if I said something about either of those countries, I would ask myself: "Are you sure it was Slovenia and not Slovakia because people get those mixed all the time?"

  13. I'm from Slovenia and i'm sure we don't have S-300s system.

  14. Another Russian propaganda video.

  15. I'm beginning to worry that economy of Russia isn't hit by sanctions as much as we wanted to believe and therefore, Putin will be able to prolong the conflict as long as he see fit.

  16. Ukraine’s plea for Soviet-era anti-aircraft systems goes unanswered

  17. Moscow Stock Exchange will reportedly resume trading on Monday after 3 weeks of closure

  18. "OFZ trading on the Moscow Exchange on Monday will be held from 10.00 to 11.00 Moscow time in the discrete auction mode, from 13.00 to 17.00 Moscow time - in the usual mode, the Central Bank reports" - RIA

  19. These are also reports that Poland and The United States have now come to an agreement on the transfer of MiG-29 Combat Aircraft to Ukraine as well which may be announced

  20. Do Ukraine have more trained pilots than MiGs?

  21. Are transactions made by central bank public or hidden behind some banking system?

  22. Well, yes and no. Long dead writers shouldn't be blamed for this mess but i would like to make a point that not only Putin(and his circle) is to blame, also ordinary Russian people, which for two decades didn't do nothing about dictatorship and practically enabled this mess.

  23. Yeah this. Like everything from Germany. Never ever buying a Bosch dishwasher again.

  24. My parents have Bosh dishwasher for 15+ years, i know it's anacdote more than anything but some of their product can last long time.

  25. I have a problem with Office Home & Bussiness 2019 activation, maybe not activation itself but with login. Let me explain, today I created at outlook dot com account and went to

  26. Yes guest processing has no impact on full/incremental backups itself. Just use the test credentials first to see if you've got access working.

  27. What happens if I turn of enable application-aware processing after full backup was already made?

  28. Nothing besides that your next run will not be app aware.

  29. It sounds like you didn’t reset it properly! Make sure you follow the guide on the Wiki for the reset button as it does a few different things

  30. Well I tried all options how to physical reset mikrotik router(and the hard reset via reset button didn't work-power off router, holding reset button and power on until usr light started blinking).

  31. it was running, but I solved a problem wiht netinstall on my ubuntu machine over wine(and after new software install, physical hard reset worked)

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