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  1. Podíamos hacer al monigote de Reddit versión Rey Pelayo

  2. It’s more about projection and representation. But okay.

  3. Breaking Bad is about Breaking Bad, it doesn't want to want to please anyone or comply with anything, it wants to tell a story, that's it

  4. Timeloops done right, absolutely. Timeloops that male you waste your time by mindlessly repeating the same, fuck no!

  5. I like the concept a lot so my opinion is not objective at all

  6. Try re:zero then.Is very cool!

  7. As I see it's very popular but I never gave it a chance, probably in the future gonna try it

  8. What were they thinking? The same 8 episodes? Did they really think this is some unique untapped potential and would implode their animation studio with fame?

  9. Endless Eight was Pain and that was the point. A mere drop of what Nagato felt having lived the same day Fifteen Thousand Plus times.

  10. I feel like Sonny Boy is the kind of anime which always feels 'personal' regardless of whether the plot makes much sense to you or not. The interactions, the atmosphere, everything about this show screams "exploring, growing up, moving out" and it makes me sad cause I'm in that phase.

  11. It’s definitely worth a rewatch, especially if you watched it subbed. You miss a lot of incredible background details trying to keep up with the dialogue

  12. Gonna keep it in my computer as long as I can

  13. Daily reminder that Sovietwave is imagined nostalgia for something which never really actually existed (non corrupt autocratic shithole USSR) while NATOwave is appreciation for something which currently exists

  14. Yoooooo, let's keep up the heavy fire! Those commies will only take this sitting down for so long!

  15. Can you DM me please? I'm having difficulty opening from the shortcut

  16. I'm impressed you could live all this time whit those fluffly things you call bones that are, no, WERE on your arms, get lost.

  17. Pot calling the kettle black with that spelling m8. I just don't see how people aren't getting tired of the same ass unrelated content being posted here everyday. Maybe because y'all are just a bunch a kids- but still. It's annoying to have to DIG for even just a simple meme because it's nothing but some forza screenhsot or a random car on Google earth saying shit like "It's Takumi but if he _____"

  18. You writted this while having a mental breakdown

  19. This!! Rebuild is just there to sell shit, is like the Marvel movies, they are just there to watch and consume

  20. For this and everything else in life, don't use the slice of something that barely it's relationed

  21. Esa bandera de la republica va a existir o me encargo personalmente de joder todo el resto del mural

  22. it was the start of the path of what I'm today

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