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  1. Forgetting they drove their Subaru instead of their auto driving Tesla

  2. DId you see a doc? You'll need medical paperwork to claim injuries

  3. Message me if you wanna drive by my place and check out his work

  4. Oh fuck off. You’re probably the asshole, I’ve never had any problems with their service

  5. My bad service was in broomfield, but it soo bad, that I’m okay with bad things happening to the franchise in general.

  6. Too bad it wasn't the Broomfield store their no even franchised, the name is just licensed from Steve Abromowitz the only stipulation is th dough cheese and sauce has to be from the Abo's commissary, otherwise each store is an entirely separate business.

  7. I’ve been running a post tomb campaign for a while now and I’ve split focus between the frost giants getting ring of winter and the releasing of dendar. It’s been interesting.

  8. I'm letting the campaign end. One of my players is moving to go back to school and another is having a baby. Time to let it finish.

  9. Kill acerak and have withers finish them off Victory and death is the best epilogue

  10. In my opinion, if somebody goes into your store or your home with the intent of theft, then he has to fully expect dying for it.

  11. Quiet a bit of weight difference for one month or am I missing something

  12. Controversial view. If the kicker had been going hard the whole time he would have jacked up the boxer

  13. Jeez, I’m hard man to make my mouth drop in horror and you did it. God damn.

  14. It’s just a leg kick while he’s close to him in the ground. Thigh Leg kick tho not a calf kick.

  15. What does more damage. That to the body or the 3 headshots you get in that same position

  16. Awh dang. Well, here's your lesson: jump, and block! Haha, what do you feel you're lacking in though?

  17. Actually I did see that from your video. Im gonna study this a bit and see what you did so well

  18. :) Awesome, hopefully my videos can be of some use to you. I have more on my channel as well, if you'd like to study those in addition! Also, thank you for you kind words.

  19. YouTube channel or just other stuff you’ve posted on this Reddit name?

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