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  1. Harry them with real world problems like messing with their credit, lease vehicles, house. Then next level of harrying try to get them on the bad side of mortal groups like the police, mobsters, cartel, and if they survive when they are recovering send in a hit squad of ghouls with shotguns. If you can you could figure out their routine and try to arrange to blood bond them by spiking a local tea shop or sandwich joint with your blood. Or a simpler method send animals to plague their house and try to poison them, or even food poisoning.

  2. You could do a Chronicles of Darkness Mortal game, or Hunter the vigil as a step up. Low pressure have them discover how weird the world is. Mysterious Places is good for lose story ideas like a wishing quarry or an evil circus.

  3. If you’re totally new and don’t have a preference for any game line you’ll probably find Vampire the easiest since there’s a plethora of Vampire media these days that is inspired by White Wolf’s games

  4. I don’t know a lot of my players find the lack of general goal difficult compared to say werewolf (both) were you all have a job or Changeling the lost where everyone is against the True Fae and at the local level they can focus on their fetch.

  5. Well they feed off the dreams of winning big in the glitz and glamour of sin city. Others lose but the locals gain.

  6. I think Werewolves are interacting with Emanations of the planets cast into the foreign ecosystem of the spirit world while mages are dealing with the internal spirits you would encounter in the planet’s ecosystem.

  7. Normal humans aren’t bound by a naming ritual or the dreaming. I argue human nature and Demeanors are more fluid because they aren’t tied to the, demeanor is a facade held in place by either habit or intent and nature change with life. Meanwhile Changelings echo archetypical tales throughout lifetimes and their legacies are anchored in their true name. I don’t even think you will find any Changeling NPC in the books who changed their legacy for a new one, they just cycle between which legacy is dominant and which is shadowed and usually the books make it a big deal when one switches like they achieved a major failure or revelation. Or they are noted as being old school and flipping legacies at a regular interval or just during say Samhain.

  8. I agree, they're fluid, but I've always pictured changelings as basically walking, talking stories - Changeling X has a story that she's set to follow. But you make a good point. My view is potentially rather banal.

  9. Nah your view is the default. They are living tales, myth and stories. If they didn’t have foundation they would be like unshaped dream blobs in Exalted. If you had no internal axis/foundation you wouldn’t have a true name, and you would be interchangeable. There is a lot of variety within legacies just like their are a lot of stories of tricksters and ogres.

  10. Yes they can soak agg and have a healing factor in all their forms, unless it’s their deformity. They can’t soak silver though.

  11. Werewolves rarely live to old age because they live a life of secret warfare essentially with a host of Demons from the Demonic Essence of entropy called the Wyrm. They literally live to fight preventing the world from ending. Vampires don’t really know this they just know werewolves hate them, for pretty much the same reasons human crusaders would hate them essentially because they view vampires are heretical manifestations of the corruption of life and death that do nothing but feed on the misery of humanity.

  12. As much as I want to say that the heart and brain should stay connected in order to keep the vampire alive, there's precedent within the World of Darkness for vampires separating their heads from their bodies and surviving, in the form of the Penangallan of Southeast Asia's Golden Courts. They're Wan Kuei instead of Cainites, but still. They're normally just as vulnerable to a stake through the heart as a Cainite, so my personal rule is invalid. Plus you've got the Setites removing their hearts and doing just fine as well, I suppose.

  13. And the Tlacique ritual that allows you to cut someone's head off and mail it to their boss with them still alive.

  14. If used preemptively I’m pretty sure yeah, if you get your head cut off first, you dead.

  15. I think that's just a reposter, the original artist is Matilda Fiship. Even has the signature.

  16. I mean it seems like I'm in a roll of accidently finding stolen art (care to send a link to the original)

  17. Remember how he died in the last Secret Wars? Phoenix Cyclops got one handed neck snapped!

  18. Generally finding the totem through the right counts as the quest to be accepted, spirits want to be accepted as totems as it makes them stronger.

  19. You get training in history and lore first but honestly it’s an ongoing process.

  20. What you didn’t know was everyone without nips actually lost their nips in battle.

  21. I would take retinue for some muscle like a bodyguard and maybe a dog or mystic servant. But ghouled dog and Valet can help the physical aspects so you can become the investigator warlock MC of an urban fantasy novel.

  22. Bru no one thinks he masterminds Jack Jack. Hoho everyone views him as a loosely strung meat puppet hoho.

  23. And yet he beat trump by a record number of votes - even a meat puppet is better than Trump LOL 😆

  24. The last few years Banality scourged the Autumn world, and bedlam scourged those who secluded themselves in favor of the dreaming world.

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