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  1. Replaced my lawn with clover. No regrets. Easy to maintain, no longer need sprinklers, and actually helps the remaining grass by infusing nitrogen into the soil naturally.

  2. I think you're right, if time travel was to ever happen in real life I am pretty sure the past and future is set is stone.

  3. I always liked the theory that every timeline with timetravel ultimately will undo the event where timetravel is discovered. Eventually, the only stable timeline is the one with no timetravel.

  4. I... actually don't hate it. Or at least use it as a raid as a way to save Nozdormu from what seems like an unchangeable fate by completely erasing Murozond from existence. That'd be interesting.

  5. Or him trying to prevent it, like he has his whole life, but the raid has the players force him to become Murozond because the timeline will be worse if he doesn't.

  6. imagina being a black dragon, other than the 3 named ones, u lived for year in outlands, maybe u were even born there, all under the leadership of sabellian, then u come back to your ancestral home and this 7-10 year old declares himself your boss

  7. That's like hearing humans originally came from Mars, so you go to Mars and are shocked they want a Martian to be king.

  8. So you’ve never met a chemist or a hardware engineer…you know the guys who actually make the things we code with? I would say programmers are spell-writers, not magicians.

  9. Hardware engineers are fantasy Dwarves, while programmers are the mages.

  10. Just wait till you can use voice control with GitHub copilot running on your smart watch.

  11. I ask Google to turn my lamp on. Tell me that ain't magic.

  12. I'm going to have to get back into tanking just so I can slow everything down enough for me to enjoy it.

  13. Brewmasters don't have enough abilities based on Brews and too many based on Kung Fu.

  14. Evoker: all I can think of when I play it is spider man’s lizard-mutated scientist. Kit looks fun to play but that will never happen for me unless a glyph comes out one day to fully hide that stupid looking lizard model :p

  15. I used the Iron Flask toy and played an Iron Dwarf Evoker and it was 10 minutes of joy.

  16. Loot it fast! A new instance will appear and the previous kill will be unlootable after a couple seconds!

  17. For #1, there is a new "Interact" ability that you can bind that interacts with the character you are facing. Usually a little icon appears above what you can interact with, but if you can't see them, you can just spam it in the right area.

  18. You can do this out of CoT with many toys.

  19. Iron Boot Flask was my favorite. Everything was really fun to cast.

  20. Well no shit, if you want something a secret, you keep it to yourself...

  21. Conversely, if you can't stop yourself from sharing a secret, how can you be upset when the person you tell can't either?

  22. Imagine if there was a "speed" selection in LFG/LFR when you choose your role: fast, normal, learning. Then all the leet players can have each other, and the rest of us can enjoy the game.

  23. I tank 1 speed lol. My speed. I don't know the meta routes. I'm fast, but I don't sacrifice safety.

  24. Exactly. Some of these replies underestimate how many people will trade a couple minutes of time for a non-toxic experience. Or how many experienced players will voluntarily help those who want help.

  25. Very neat. Maybe we will be able to craft our own Mourneblades like this in Shadowlands.

  26. Honestly I don’t know at this point. It took me a really long time to get here. I do well, but this is my main hobby and what I spend my extra income on. No boats or fancy cars for me. Proud geek.

  27. Fellow geek here who recognizes your three Dragonlance art pieces in the corner. Lord Soth FTW.

  28. Wow, a single DVD to install? I didn't know it was sold in this format. I think my copies of vanilla through WotLK were 6 CDs lol

  29. You got a mourneblade questing in Maldraxxus.

  30. If you are referring to the Runecarvers rune blade, it is neither a mourneblade nor obtainable to equip.

  31. Don't be too proud of this technological terror you've constructed.

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