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  1. Her only female friend Violet Gaynor had a baby over a month ago, and Hilaria still hasn’t made the trip to the Hamptons to congratulate Violet or meet the new baby. I think Hilaria prefers using her NYC apartment as an excuse to stay isolated and pretend that the excitement of the city triumphs the Hamptons, where she is a social outcast and laughingstock. That’s why she keeps emphasizing her NYC kids and lifestyle.

  2. Violet and Hil are forced to socialize because their husbands work together sometimes. They are by no means, actual friends.

  3. Because they are not allowed to be individuals. They are a Twinnish Unit and are only allowed to exist as such.

  4. Now she's trapping them without the pretense of eating.

  5. Hmmm. Why would he want a pic of the nanny w his vida? Craycray Baldwin.

  6. He probably didn't even notice her arm there, assuming she may be over 140 lbs.

  7. All over many many many cities. She's so sheltered that she thinks her boring ass life is unique.

  8. I foresee another forced social media break in the near future. This is a major escalation and very weird.

  9. The 5 minutes of parenting while the nannies are out of the frame is a lot to them.

  10. There is one of these sticky, wild eyed, sugar fueled pics of Mayo every other day. That kid must need 2 baths a day.

  11. I bet he finally got a diaper change before she'd let him up there.

  12. I'm always worried about that in my city neighborhood. It has happened around here and so far it's just been a sidewalk tree or a trash can that gets damaged but the possibility of far worse is ever-present.

  13. Gold Bond makes a lotion specifically for crepey skin. They also have a neck/chest firming cream.

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