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  1. Oh Hillary, you’re not all that. We know you didn’t give birth and even with that advantage, your body isn’t looking so hot.

  2. It’s killing Smegma that Catherine the Great is such a beauty & truly in a league of her own. A narc must always be #1, no wonder the petulant brat Megxited.

  3. Agreed. It disgusted me to see TW walking behind the queen’s casket when all she did was cause her stress since the marriage.

  4. And that one phony tear rolling down her cheek 🤬 Makes my blood boil after how she treated the Queen.

  5. She’s so thirsty, it’s her first big photo session since giving birth 2 months ago. Uh huh.

  6. I believe we give Markle too much credit for being a two-bit grifter.

  7. PWOWs are elegant, beautiful, gracious, quiet, smart, filthy rich, meticulous with their etiquette. Surrounded by smart Americans and the best of the best re environmental changes for the good of the earth.

  8. The Queen was groomed by her father at a young age to always act appropriately. One of his teachings was to not show any emotion in public.

  9. So original and authentic! She plagiarizes words and ideas, takes credit for the charitable donations and work of others, and recycles the same seduction moves, including telling her target that he has given her the family she had never had. Where is the karma?

  10. This is palace’s fault. They are letting them get away with everything without any consequences. Palace needs to become proactive and step up their game

  11. Agree. King Charles should banish them from the UK, similar to Duke & Duchess of Windsor after Edward abdicated the throne.

  12. That was my ah ha moment with her. She had been stalking Harry and went too far trying to make people think she didn't with that comment. We know Hillary was doing the same thing looking for a famous husband that could feed her pathological need for attention. She made herself "Spanish" because she knew of his lust for Salma Hayek.

  13. All the other semi-famous British males had turned MeGain down. They were smarter than Hairballs.

  14. Obviously pandering to the boot makers for an endorsement. Well, this is awkward…Um Hilz, “You’ve been cancelled.”

  15. British probably won’t fall for it. But the American press will eat it up.

  16. Don’t believe most of the US press—it’s Liberal propaganda—I think most Americans see right thru Meghan as a grifter & liar.

  17. I have to wonder if this is made up or exaggerated. Wasn’t Lady Hussey a companion to the Queen? I would expect her to have really good manners generally speaking. The conversation presented seems so pushy and forced. I suppose anything is possible but I have my doubts that someone who would most definitely need excellent manners in order to function at the level she has for so long be so prying/pushy or rude all of the sudden at a public event.

  18. I agree, it’s all too perfectly timed for the Smarkles now, to accept their “fighting racism in RF” award.

  19. She knows it’s a C level event, she literally has nothing to offer the world/no talent.

  20. Translation: “Sarma called me up at home, said Alec is eating here at the restaurant, so get your fake Spanish ass down here pronto.”

  21. Raniere was trying to keep his travel under the radar, and one of his concerns was Marianna's loss of legal status.

  22. So he drove to Montreal, turned around & then all the way down to San Diego? Quite a drive.

  23. Yes, I read that her sentence was not shortened, but that does not mean it won’t happen. I never thought Cosby would be out, yet here we are.

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