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  1. Omg… when it rains, it pours, doesn’t it? I am SO sorry about your grandma. I think, right now, the most important thing you can do is block this crazy person (your ex) and spend this difficult time with your family and surround yourself with positive supportive people.

  2. Hey there, thanks so much for the kind words. Although it has been close to a month, I still get comfort from reading these encouraging and supportive comments.

  3. Why would u listen to your ex after break up ? U pointed out her hypocrisy and delusions ?

  4. I didn’t listen to her. Every time she told me she still loved me I knew it was a matter of time before she wronged me again. I avoided her at all costs but she’d still come and speak to me at parties and I put up with it with minimal conversation to not make it awkward for our friends. Until that incident which is why I told her to cut it out, and to never attempt to speak to me again.

  5. Take this as an opportunity to explore strange new vaginas. To seek out new tits, and new sexy ass cracks. To boldly go where other men have probably gone before!

  6. "Everything was great except for the times she hit me, which was only every once in a while. Thats fine though right"? See how ridiculous that sounds?

  7. That’s a good way to put it, you make a good point. I guess I was also wondering if this is really abusive or if I’m just overreacting and getting annoyed over things that are controllable. I don’t want to blame myself for the behaviour in the incidents I’ve listed above, but sometimes when she probably just needed reassurance I acted more defensive because I was sick of it from other incidents.

  8. Were you given or signed any kind of engagement/appointment document? I understand they're not mandatory, but they're still recommended. Plus you said they never discussed the price or gave you a quote beforehand?

  9. I wasn’t given any engagement document nor did I sign or even verbally agree to anything. I admitted on the first phone call that I was unsure of the process and the associated costs, I figured they would give me an estimate once they had all my information as I know the costs can vary. All I had told them at that stage was that I needed some advice around tax return and would like to ask a couple of questions about how I should handle my income/tax going forward, to which they said we’ll set you up an appointment with a senior accountant, if you could organise your income/expenses before then (I assumed so that I wasn’t rummaging through emails/payslips during the appointment).

  10. Regardless of the fee, I’d be going with what Jacob suggested. If you haven’t signed an engagement letter, there’s no agreement in place. I’d start the discussion from there as the way they’ve handled it, based on what you’ve described, is poor.

  11. That’s quite the attack on my character while still adding nothing productive to the conversation. I feel no need to defend myself from your inaccurate and demeaning remarks but let’s try and stay on topic at least.

  12. You haven’t exactly given me anything to reply to. Note that I never commented on the effectiveness of dry needling or the evidence supporting it. I simply shared my experience of completing the course and it’s implementation into my practice, answering the OP’s question. If you have had a different experience feel free to share it but calling me a quack is not helping anyone.

  13. I didn’t really like using the rock pods in practice much, I recently tried an automatic cupping device from AchedAway I’m sure there are other similar ones, but you basically hit a button and it has a little motor that creates the suction force.

  14. When I first got started with cupping, I bought a plastic set (actually 2!) and they were great.. but all bets were off once I found the silicone cups. Silicone is much less futzy when you're in the thick of a session, IMO. Several times over the last 10 years or so I have bought Lure silicone cupping sets, on Amazon. Some were for my professional use and some to give to clients for home self-care. I have had no problems nor any complaints. Silicone is easy and efficient to use. My preference is for the bell shape.

  15. The two biggest criticisms that I’ve read about the silicone cups are that they don’t get enough suction and that they’re not good for glide cupping, have you had any issues with either of those?

  16. I think it would be far more clinically interesting to compile literature on the subject than compiling a list of techniques. This will help your clinical reasoning rather than going through a list of techniques until it works (not saying that's your intention).Pubmed is your friend for this task, here's a couple:

  17. I agree the literature would be more informative and clinically interesting. I’m a new graduate osteopath and I’m lacking any mentoring at my current clinic, and struggling to find many recommendations in terms of treatment techniques. I’ve started looking more for osteopathic and manual therapy text books which have been helpful. Your response has been incredibly informative and I’m very appreciative for your suggestions! I enjoy seeing other practitioners clinical approach, and take a lot of guidance from it. Thanks very much :)

  18. Just on the beach along south east Melbourne. We will have to get a PFD also! Any other tips for getting started?

  19. Thank you for asking, it really helps to be able to say this somewhere. I guess I feel stuck in a rut, and pretty hopeless? While still owing for the time everyone lost because of the pandemic, I have no idea how I managed to get to this point (being almost 25 years old) and having nothing to show for it. I still live at home, I don't have a job or a relationship, and I'm so lonely. Every day is just more of the same, lying in bed wasting my life away. I also have a huge issue with my appearance and I don't even like looking in mirrors, let alone taking photos. All I want is to have some self-confidence and feel pretty and have a life, you know? But it all seems so hopeless, and like my youth is running out before I have the chance to do anything with it.

  20. My advice would be start a project. Find a passion. If you can have something to look forward to each day, something to occupy your thoughts, you will distract yourself with that interest. I often have similar thoughts, and in reflection I realise we’re still quite young. You don’t need money and a great career to be happy. You just need to get by with the necessities each day. Do what makes you happy

  21. either a concert or the cinema. im from the uk where those things are supposedly okay. i think i might have made a horrible mistake. was a good night though

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