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  1. I think it looks like that hellfire Elmo meme, myself. But anyway, i like jiffy cornbread for chili because it's a little sweeter. It cuts the heat a bit more imo, but I do know people who aren't keen on it sweet.

  2. Fireplace, pj pants, animal crossing and a cuddly cat, this looks like the perfect day OP, i hope it was very relaxing for you both ☺️

  3. it can honestly be pretty good. I make a japanese style napolitan pasta with ketchup.

  4. Answer: It's an emoji that isn't showing up on whatever browser you're using.

  5. Amswered! Thanks for clearing up my confusion. Someone in another post said "get out of here, this isn't

  6. That house is lovely. And props to the kid for taking his shoes off before running up to his dad. Cute vid.

  7. Yeh Parda Hata Do by Farooq Got Audio (00:21; matched: 100%)

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