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  1. yeah, i literally have 2 requirements for a phone, nice screen and big battery, and this phone fills both.

  2. 60 Hz refresh rate probably only get android 12 but still haven't gotten and mid processor for 40 fps pubg

  3. 60hz is kinda okayish if you're not gaming , sadly if you want both g71 + g52 , there's one called g82 but sadly it didn't have even hdr support and i don't think would justify with it's display, you can't even go up beyond 1080p , meh !

  4. You can use 4g sim on it, and you will be able to use 5g when it comes, you wouldn't need to buy a new 5g phone then to use 5g.

  5. wait , howcome we can use 5g on g52 ? considering the longevity on which many people buy, 5g is must nowadays especially for metro or tier 1 peoples.

  6. i thought same but what do you think about its camera , SD 695 (no 4k) . are processor and camera worth?

  7. Motorla g71 5g purely for the stock android experience and incredible battery performance.

  8. Pay a professional 1k and save the hassle.

  9. As a college student, considering whether to go for a powerful gaming laptop, or a low-mid laptop for college w/ a stronger PC for intensive work and gaming.

  10. because there's no sane minded people buying that high af setup and secondly he must be a bambani sort of type so yeah

  11. Pros of legion : Mux switch Better TDP for GPU(95W) Better build Better cooling

  12. tbh, don't take decisions on whim. I've seen many people thinking of buying it but beware that the end of support for this device is only upto 2k25 , just 3 years . have a patience and think with cool mind bro

  13. Okay that's a very valid point, I actually didn't think abt this.

  14. I have Asus Tuf F15 that I want to sell. It's i7 11600h+3050+16gb variant. I bought on 15 July 2022 (13-14 days back). If you are interested DM me. I am building a PC so don't need a laptop anymore. Price would be under 75k.

  15. I was fine with 1080p gaming then I decided I wasn't. So PC it is

  16. tbfh , i got it for 65k in price glitch in amazon. would you be giving it for 60k around ?

  17. If you're spending that much, don't settle for 45% NTSC unless you're gonna use a good monitor.

  18. now that's where I'm confused. should i go for 5600,5800h/1650 + good colour calibrated gaming monitor or full fleged 5800h/3050 with good display.

  19. Good display is just a nice to have, not mandatory unless you're into photo editing and stuff. If you're workflow is demanding, then focus on specs and thermals over display. My two paise

  20. Thanks 😁 Received the game in my steam library. Honestly didn't expect to be chosen. I wonder I am getting down votes 🤣

  21. haha, getting fucked in that bengal house where crores are getting away from house.

  22. fuck those duties , meanwhile gormint extorting 40 - 50% of taxes in automobile sector.

  23. I think the pricing there is the mrp. If someone can check stores to confirm it may be quite less

  24. well to be honest , the pricing is atrocious after what i saw in legion and other intel variants and considering 12700h> 6800h (depends on w of cpu)

  25. I might gonna end up in Jadavpur University which has single room from first year so i m gonna make a mini atx setup and im good to go

  26. get legion 5i for 130k , much better performance ny i7 12700h and same display and gpu.

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