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  1. As others have said, any of these assistants have keywords to wake up. before listening to you.

  2. NTA - Play stupid games, get a police report.

  3. It's true, I don't think he would have reacted well to me walking away. I hadn't been thinking about that. And it does feel like he used my anxiety against me, I'm not sure if it was intentional, but he should have known how the situation would effect me because he's helped me so much with my anxiety in the past. I guess this is pretty bad. It's better than the situation I used to be in, when I lived with my family, they were a lot worse to me at their best than he is at his worst, and then I was homeless, which I don't think I could ever live through again. But that probably just means I see him as a lot better than he is in my head. I don't want to break up with him, but I should probably try to take some time away or something. I'll try talking with some friends, thank you.

  4. You need to google for the "Cycle of abuse" where the abuser is nice and does nice things and then beats on you a bit while you are thinking "hopefully it will get nice again" and just before you break down he love bombs you again so you doubt that it was actually that bad. And the cycle repeats until you can't tell good from bad anymore.

  5. Let me know after you get out of the hospital.

  6. I have never designed a system like what you are talking about.

  7. NTA - You are 18 and can talk to your doctor without your father's permission.

  8. YTA - So you outed your brother? Your brother now has to deal with the danger of an angered father.

  9. I prefer the old classic of sludge pits, swinging mace, Ice projectors/pushers on the walls and ballista in the ceiling to clean up the stragglers. The build it in a serpentine format.

  10. It is going to come down to: Who is the party they are fighting? What is the war that has been planned for? What weapons are available to prosecute that war?

  11. ESH - they don't need to advertise by having all the windows open.

  12. NTA - If the baby is in your room, you will be expected to deal with it in the night. They are trying to set you up as the nanny.

  13. Alas, Lord raith incestuous raped his children, including Lara. Sadly, Jim already crossed the incestuous line.

  14. It is left ambiguous if it was mental or if there was a physical component to it.

  15. Please feel to quote. I remember the section on "pitting their demons against each other" but I don't remember the physical part.

  16. NTA - You are very very lucky that everyone in the car was not arrested.

  17. Are you done treating your kids as barbie dolls to be dressed and presented for the viewers consumption?

  18. Didn't check that USB drive before plugging it in did you?

  19. Look up "chimney effect" for passive cooling. This is driven by the stack effect you can generate to induce air flow.

  20. YTA - So you are going to eat in front of them while they give you dirty looks for the entire time?

  21. It was likely up to code at the time of installation. There has been no code review or follow up since then. If you are concerned, call the code inspector.

  22. I think you can infer coke is drunk in several other instances: Any time Harry stops at Burger King. I expect he is not going to just get the Whopper, when the Coke is right there. I mean they are meal deals for a reason.

  23. Stuff in the Dim and Distant past - The two I have heard of (So we would technically be up to four):

  24. Lucifer being involved was one of the issues Harry did address with Uriel.

  25. Remember that Harry makes the claim it was lucifer with just about no evidence. thing got bad, it must have been Lucifer - and you’ll notice that no one confirms or denies that claim, they studiously ignored it.

  26. Could be that angels admitting it means they also have to admit they should have gotten more involved, but then you're looking at potential widespread use of angelic levels of power, which seems like a bad thing for our reality.

  27. You are butting up against the Heisenburg principal that dictates you can either know where something is, or how fast it is going, but not both.

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