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A little light reading about Texas schools

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  1. Anyone know how they’re determining party registration in Texas?

  2. I'd just like to highlight the last part of this article.

  3. wow. that sure is a lot of blue down there on the border. facts can be fascinating when you engage them!

  4. But check out the map that shows shift. It shows a lot of red in south TX.

  5. I am not right wing at all and I voted for Beto in 2018 but I will be voting for Abbott next month. Beto really went off the deep end when he ran for President and the way he pretends to be a minority rubs me the wrong way.

  6. How does he pretend to be a minority? By speaking Spanish and continuing to use the nickname his parents gave him as a toddler?

  7. I just don’t like how he throws himself out there like he’s a minority for El Paso when his dad was a judge and his real name is Robert. Just rubs me the wrong way. Plus he’s so anti gun I couldn’t vote for him.

  8. How does he throw himself out there like he’s a minority? What does that even mean? Because he speaks Spanish and his parents gave him the nickname Beto when he was a toddler?

  9. If you’re like me, you might not have swiped to see the rest of the screenshot of the Facebook post. Lol. Here’s a link to LPD’s post

  10. Abbott doesn’t want to fix the broken immigration system because as long as it’s broken he can rally the base.

  11. I was thinking that too…I’m just not sure it actually rallies the Democratic base like Democrats seem to think.

  12. This doesn't seem to be a real thing. I wish it was a real thing but the dude who posted it has this comment underneath it.

  13. “Note: this was a small focus group of 15 “mostly undecided” voters from Dallas, put together by Nexstar to provide live reaction during and after the debate.”

  14. While it means a group of mostly undecided voters favored Beto, unfortunately I doubt enough undecided votes watched the debate for it to matter.

  15. And everyone is free to follow their conscience, and use their votes accordingly (just like all the people downvoting me here in this thread)… I just can’t bring myself to support Gregory Wayne “fuck the Constitution” Abbott or Robert Francis “fuck the Constitution” O’Rourke.

  16. You should write in a candidate. Protest votes matter. There’s also two third party candidates on the ballot.

  17. You understand correctly. I voted by mail when I went to tech. Everyone should register. Doesn’t matter which party you belong to. Voting is imperative to our everyday life!

  18. I am very surprised Abbot agreed to some these questions and I don't think he has any intention to answer them nor do I believe the moderator will try to push for an answer.

  19. Article says these are questions Texas Monthly would like them to be asked.

  20. Now you got me curious. Do candidates get a say in what questions they are asked?

  21. As if I needed another reason to hate Ted Cruz, but to say more cops at schools is the answer after Uvalde is just despicable.

  22. Anyone know if this will be available online for folks outside of the lone star state?

  23. I think some of the new stations broadcasting will also have a live feed on their websites.

  24. Is there a feed where i can watch this if i am in another state? I’m a Texan transplant to the east coast, and this election is crucially important to me. Anywhere i can watch, from the east coast?!

  25. I think some of the new stations showing it on air will be showing online as well.

  26. Crazy that this was written 4 years ago and still true today.

  27. Thank you for sharing this. I’m in the process of listening to the first season. It really helps put everything in perspective.

  28. I love how Beto still responds with kindness and respect to his question even though they disagree. I can’t imagine Abbott or any Republican doing the same these days.

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