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  1. Also 1C3 but I’m overseas and wondering if or when the assignments will start being pushed out.

  2. This was well over a decade ago but I was watching a documentary about hip hop or maybe it was NWA. In that documentary Eazy mentioned he was in a hotel somewhere and some other dudes rolled up on him and his crew and he flashed this same gun and the dudes ran. But according to Eazy or one of his crew the gun was an airsoft gun or maybe a BB gun of some kind. He use to run around and shoot people with it for fun. Now I have no way to confirm if this is true or not as it was well over a decade ago I heard this. However, here is a link to Eazy-E showing off the gun to an interviewer and he even racks the charging handle. But I cant tell from the video quailty if its real or airsoft?

  3. The hotel story was depicted as a scene in the movie Straight Outta Compton with Easy E and an mp5

  4. It wasn’t till 2014 I was old enough and had an income that could allow me to fuel my firearms hobby I have today. I remember going online and seeing crates of Mosin’s for sale for under $1k and how I’d love to purchase an entire crate. Sad those days are gone.

  5. Cybersecurity and Pocket Prep App-$20 a month and has practice questions for all CompTIA materail. Explains why your answer was right or wrong and gives references to the ComTIA study material if you wish to look it up and understand better.

  6. Because my current assignment has two job opportunities for spouses and the pay sucks and they are already taken.

  7. I think people need to realize the majority of you not in MIL/LE will never need to actually use your rifles' in a real world situation. It's perfectly acceptable to train for real world situations but we imitate what the MIL/LE use and preach it like gospel. You should just use what best suites your needs out of your setup. Buy quality gear and train with it. I own LPVO's and they have there place, but I also prefer red dot's more. I feel like people try too hard to make a rifle into something its not. "check out my 10.5 SBR, SPR, DMR with an LPVO, bi-pod" cool but your only training and shooting out to 100 yards max.....just stick with a red dot. Or at the very least, buy another rilfe and set it up for another purpose you might need for it." BUT SO AND SO SAID THIS OR THAT" can also think for yourself and not follow trends.

  8. I think what we need to understand is how you study for these classes along with your test taking skills? A lot of people don't utilize this sub along with the course chatter to help them pass. Simply searching the course code in the search bar of the sub will list a number of great posts with resources they used to pass. Sometimes the material WGU gives you is dry as sand and there are better ways to learn and pass first try. I'm in the CS Bachelors course and have completed a number of course first time in less than a month. I also have a child, work full time while my wife is a stay at home parent.

  9. I guess I took him suggesting researching the ball ammo to be also suggesting using it for hunting (since that was what OP asked about, ammo for hunting)

  10. I was suggesting researching M1 vs M2 to see that the myth of modern commercial hunting ammo will destroy your M1 and how it was hotter than most ammo you can even find today in 30-06. If OP wants to hunt he’s welcome to choose from most modern 30-06 hunting ammo.

  11. Without giving you a smart ass reply. Incase you did not know any modern 30-06 ammo is safe to use in the Garand so long as the bullet weights don’t exceed I believe 180 grains or is loaded stupid hot. On top of that, ensure your M1 is properly lubed with a not worn out guide rod spring. If you do this then your rifle is safe to shoot all modern 30-06 loadings under 180 grains. If you want to exceed this weight then you’d have to look up custom loadings to do so. No bent op rods will occur. Unless your not properly lubed, the guide rod might bind and cause malfunctions. This exact info is listed in the manual of every CMP rifle they sell. There is also a lengthy wright up about this in the winter of 2019 volume 34 (I think) GCA Magazine. Gas plugs really aren’t necessary but if it lets you sleep better at night, then go for it.

  12. I thoroughly enjoy mine. The install was easy, and the trigger pull, paired with our trigger is phenomenal. Lighter and much cleaner. I think for $50 it’s a steal!

  13. With just the springs alone the rifle will remain drop safe and function as normal correct?

  14. This is the only class I’m really dreading when time comes.

  15. Plan and prepare.... Also take Cysa+ first if you havent already. The test wasnt so bad, but I will say that the PBQs were tough. In my opinion, you dont have to get all of the PBQs right, but they may very well mean the difference of passing/failing.

  16. On Sec+ now then Cysa and Pen for my final certification.

  17. No they are not. Fully automatic firearms are 100% legal. Their just way more expensive $8k-$70k with the exception of some very outlandish prices on rare ones. Just complete a background check and pay a $200 NFA tax stamp to the ATF.

  18. I would buy an M2 instead and use the extra money for lenses and film. Outside of the built in light meter, the M6 isn’t that great.

  19. I have an M2 as well, but I want an M6 as my next Leica. I decided to definitely get one - it’s just a case of whether to get a classic from the used market now, or wait for an unknown amount of time for the new one.

  20. Well in that case a new one. Warranty and new electronics are nice to have.

  21. I picked up a “good” condition rigid dr cron from B&H for $500 about 3 years ago, shot with it for a bit then sent it to YYe for a CLA. He managed to clean off the dust within the lens and got the aperture and focus moving smoothly, but there was no hope for the coating, which is visibly blotchy on the lens. Having said that, it takes great photos—very sharp with no distortion—and it’s great to operate from its size and build quality. I shoot film and easily one of my favorite lenses, for b&w or color, although I’d probably say with the compromised coating it’s a bit better at b&w and may have more issues on a digital body.

  22. So I have a 50mm Summicron Canadian but I wanted to try the Rigid as it looks period correct on my M2 body. I considered the DR version but out side of my M2 looking cool with the glasses and goggles, I really don't have a huge need for the close focus feature. I'm sure its handy but I just use my M bodies for documenting family life, events and vacations.

  23. The nice part is that they are detachable so you don’t need to use them!

  24. Oh I get that. But I found this Rigid V1 model in super clean condition for like $750 so I had to jump on it lol

  25. Sweet. Can you use a credit card?

  26. They cal and ask what grade you want with what they have available, then your CC info and ask you to follow email instructions for sending in FFL info. Shipping takes less than a week in most cases to arrive at your FFL. Mine was there two days after order (GA).

  27. Right! . I'm about to email ol roy at V1 and see what's up

  28. Just heard from John at V1. Shipping our orders out next week 👌

  29. I order 13x13cm prints online on Photoweb (not sure but I think it's only in France).

  30. I’ve found some larger photo albums you can stick the images to each page that works. I use Smartphoto for prints.

  31. You can get square prints. I love the square format! Most online printers will have that option.

  32. So I order 4x4” prints just now and I’ll see how I like those but also tested some larger options since it was pretty cheap. Are there companies that offer specialized printing services for film or would you just go with a regular company that does generalized printing like Shutterfly for example.

  33. You’re looking for yellow or 22k-24k pure gold jewelry with a matt finish. Even if you find something that’s too shiny for your liking, it be easy to apply a mat finish with say some steel wool or green scrubby pad.

  34. I own the M6 and M2 and the only reason I enjoy the M6 is the built in light meter you can see through the lens. The M6 is the first Leica M model I purchased before I knew a lot about M film bodies. However if I had to keep only one it be the M2. I shoot 35mm and 50mm so the frame lines are perfect on the M2. I also find the frame lines and focus patch to be brighter and easier to focus on the M2. The only thing I’d change is upgrading to a quick load film spool kit. However I haven’t found one that isn’t $200 or more so I’m fine for now. I have a Voigtlander cold shoe light meter on-top. While it’s not as fast as the M6, it works great. I also appreciate the fact my M2 has a self timer which I find very useful when taking group photos. The advance lever feels better on the M2 and I don’t really pay attention to the film counter on my M6 so the M2 manual Film counter doesn’t bother me one bit. I’ve realized that if my M6 electronics ever took a dump, I’d just sell it and keep the M2.

  35. I threw an Eotech I had laying around on mine till I find something I’d like. That being said, the Eotech is pretty nice but it’s not a LPVO.

  36. If this is all you have to take then they will already be in order to compliment each other from easiest to hardest.

  37. I enjoy watches but don't consider myself a collector. I'm able to purchase nicer things on the more expensive side and wanted a Sub for the longest time. However I wasn't going to pay grey market prices for one and ended up getting the Omega SM 300M and honestly really love it. I know the helium escape valve gets a lot of hate because it kinds of ruins the look of the watch. But once you start wearing it regularly you don't even notice it honestly. That being said, the Sub is my end goal at some point. The only reason being is because I think it looks nicer. I'm kind of stickler for aesthetics and out of all the dive watches I have seen from cheap to expensive the Submariner is still my favorite and the Seamaster being second. I don't think the difference in price is justified though. They both do the exact same thing and 99% of people just wear them as a flex. I think it comes down to being able to afford it and which one you think looks best. If you don't feel comfortable spending $10k on the Sub then the Omega is a lot of watch for the money.

  38. that's very true I guess. I just don't want to go down a rabbit hole and end up paying like three or four times.

  39. Then your best resource would be to study effectively so you pass the first time. This sub has numerous posts on how to pass various courses the first time. If it takes 1 day of study or 1 month, study till you feel 100% ready to take that exam. Failure of a class is going to happen but you can bounce back if you have the confidence and drive to do so.

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