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  1. What material is used for the baffles, steel or aluminum?

  2. Never gonna happen. You are correct it's mental health, drug abuse and other stuff. But here in the UK when nuts like this one go in and shoot. Dunblane 1996 being an example we changed the gun laws and guess what zero to none shootings.

  3. But that’s the issue. United States is not Australia or the UK or any other country for that matter. Guns are so deeply rooted in American culture you could push to change the second amendment and repeal it and this will still happen. It’s not just guns, it’s socioeconomic status, poverty, access to decent healthcare and mental health services, work culture, politics and so much more. Those combined have created the problem we are seeing today. Gun bans don’t work, common sense guns laws don’t work. This is a widespread issue that’s evolved overtime to where it is now. This will continue to get worse before it ever gets better. Not with our political system will it improve.

  4. I know this is highly political but as a non American I’ll present you with facts.

  5. Well America is not Australia so that’s never going to happen in the United States.

  6. The standard AUG instead of the NATO version.

  7. Idk if this helps but you can order that red tamper indicating tape online from Amazon. We sealed containers and the boxes they went in with it and then numbered the boxes and took photos as proof. Other than our boxes arriving looking like they got ran over, everything was sealed.

  8. Yeah but how’s the bore on it? Rifling still pronounced and crisp or shot out?

  9. If you really plan on wearing it often. Take it to a jeweler and have them reinforce the eyelet on the coin holder and the one your necklace goes through. It’s a huge weak point for this and breaks very easily. Almost lost my 1/2oz eagle pendent in the same set up if I had not heard it hit the floor.

  10. Outside of being equipped I think training on medical and how to it utilize a compass would be a good start if you haven’t already.

  11. M2 because I shoot 35mm, self timer for family vacation photos, and I honestly don’t even worry about keeping track of how many shots I have left. Plus I wear glasses. Honestly the M2 made me consider selling my M6 lol

  12. Well shoot me a message if you need help. I’m from IL as well (southern) but military so I have residency in GA. Might be able to work something out if IL shit gun laws are an issue.

  13. I just picked up a C93 Pistol converted to 300 Blackout by Michael Machine. Runs beautifully with supers and subs and will be SBRed once I get around to getting some fingerprints done. I shot it with my Wolfman and want a suggestion for a 30 cal can to get mainly for this gun. Suggestions? Need some backpressure and want it to be more quiet than small, but not huge.

  14. Don't listen to all this CLA nonsense. If the camera works and you can focus, leave it alone. Fucking around and dismantling a camera is never good for it. Most Leica don't need a "CLA" unless they stop functioning, they can work forever.

  15. Respectfully I have to disagree with this. While the camera might continue to function for many years there is no way OP would know by sound or sight if the speeds are accurate. This is a very clean looking M2 but internally lubricants can be dried up which isn’t good for the camera or any mechanical device for that matter. Maybe if OP knew where and how it was stored sure, just shoot and have fun. A basic CLA for a camera that old is just a smart choice if he plans on using it. No camera is good for life without a basic service. I never understood why this sub is so divided on CLA’s.

  16. You’re telling me a man who believes in his second amendment rights and isn’t afraid of the ATF is stupid.

  17. I saw that post. Yeah I’d shit if I found this. Looks pretty legit I’d say. I’d be happy if I only found the chain!

  18. That's a byzantine style design for the chain just FYI if you cared to know,

  19. Friendly suggestion from someone who almost lost a 1/2 ounce bar pendant like yours. See if you can have a jeweler reinforce the eyelet onto that bezel holding the bar. Mine broke from just normal daily wear but thankfully I heard it drop and hit the floor. Had a jeweler craft a thicker eyelet and put a larger weld onto the holder.

  20. Damn man you are doing way more than I did. You should be solid man. Im in a one of one billet so its rough most days.

  21. Well I have to drive an hour away to test and I make sure I give myself every resource to pass the CompTIA exams first try lol.

  22. It is but the proctor is really chill about testing so I don’t have to worry about softly reading questions out loud or taking a restroom break and catching a fail.

  23. Would also like to k ow where your purchased. It’s lovely

  24. This was also my dream, but 24k gold is too fragile for daily use, especially as a ring, I decided to get an 18k with a diamond set in it... but even that I'm scared of severely scratching.

  25. I would disagree as someone with a 50 gram, 24k chain and ring.

  26. Do you have any idea how many times I’ve walked around my house with a MK23 and pretending to clear rooms when all I’m doing is going to the fridge to get a snack. It’s okay to larp

  27. If you ship bullion worth that much or more. Ship registered mail

  28. Very secure and can be very slow. Package from AK to MA took almost three weeks.

  29. It is very slow but very secure. Hard to beat

  30. You’ll get a million different answers but you should be asking yourself this…

  31. Gold could be your retirement account.

  32. A very very small percentage of it maybe but that doesn’t mean OP shouldn’t contribute to an actual 401k if they want to actually be able to retire at some point.

  33. Thanks for this post! I have 3 months to pass core 1 and core 2, would you say this is going to be a major challenge?

  34. I would say no but that depends on your ability to grasp the material and how much time you commit to studying.

  35. If you can commit like 2 hours a day of solid focused study time. No reason you couldn’t complete part one in four weeks.

  36. Appreciate the info. Seemed high but I don’t really know anything on slabbed stuff. Looking to get into gold but not that way for sure. Was looking at trading up some silver JFKs into as well. But maybe I’ll sell and find some more affordable gold then something like what this guy is selling. Thanks!

  37. If you just want gold for the sake of stacking and no collector value. Find the most generic round or bar for the closest spot price you can. Larger weights offer lower premiums over smaller fractional bars and rounds. Gold is gold

  38. I bought my M2 off eBay. Just use good due diligence and checker feedback, account history, ask questions and you’ll be fine. If no mention of a CLA it might not hurt to send it off for one when you get it. I did with my M2 even though the listing said it was purchased from a Leica store a few years earlier.

  39. Thank you, thank you, thank you just for recommending Sunny Subnetting alone!

  40. Thank you. I’m pushing hard on these last three.

  41. You can do it! It feels like it will never happen and then all the sudden it's over

  42. I’m on CySA + then Pentest and the capstone and I’m done. Term ends April 30th but if I can’t finish in time I’m already working on enrolling in the next term for may. I’m definitely pushing and studying hard to get it done.

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