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  1. I cannot do any kind of noise when studying bc it will drive me crazy, so instead I listen to different paranormal shows or podcast 🤷‍♀️

  2. Does he only work part time but they pretend he has a full time "big boy" job 🤔

  3. I can see this plot line going in one of 3 ways and I'm not really happy with any of them tbh

  4. I’m thinking the baby is born, there’s some sort of illness or birth defect that requires a donation of something from a matched donor who can’t be the baby’s dad, it has to be Buck, which redeems him from his inability to save Daniel as a child.

  5. Beckett might have stood a chance with the fandom with better writing and less off his "I'm better bc I'm a man" attitude. They could have write it as him going off going off to treatment for drinking and then came back and had to work his way up the ladder again... and instead we have what ever tf this is lmao.

  6. What in the world could a 6 month old be doing that warrants violence. Granted I'm not a mother but i grew up in a day care that my stepmonster ran and helped her from the age of 12/14+ and I'm fairly certain the most they might be doing is refusing to nap, eat, and POSSIBLY getting into things depending in mobility. None of that warrants violence ffs!!

  7. What are your degrees in? I love both of those fields and currently have my degree in psych, but want to go back to school. Congratulations (preemptively) by the way!! Two degrees are not easy!

  8. I will have a bachelor's of science in psychology and my criminal justice degree has an emphasis on victim advocacy!

  9. Thank you! That’s awesome. Do you mind telling me what kind of college you got your criminal justice w victim advocacy emphasis at? Like private, state, online, etc. I’ve never heard of that and I love it!

  10. It's a state college, though all my classes are online be I'm in a different state than the school lol.

  11. I'm all for Loni Love and Wells next season lmao

  12. I mean I’d take a plane ride to see my family for the holidays if I needed to. So it’s pretty telling that just an hour drive would deter her. 1000% she just doesn’t wanna be around.

  13. I can't blame her, even though I had a very different family dynamic I faked coming in contact with Covid so I couldn't be guilty into anything, then a year later I had to cut contact.

  14. I don't get it either, over a month ago I bought my husband and I a big 28 count snack size chip bags just to have with out lunches and we still have half the box left. We're practically the same age and yet you wouldn't know that they were legal adults with the way they act 90% of the time.

  15. The Christmas episode in the first season! I absolutely loved Booth in that one haha

  16. You see, that's why she bought it and ate it silly, she was hoping it would make her intelligent s/

  17. I’m currently on Dreamer Designs and this is a very bad idea😭😂

  18. I haven't bought from there b4, are the kits good quality?

  19. I haven’t either but I have heard good things!! I know some people don’t like their renderings but I absolutely love the look of them and all the colors. They’re having buy one get one 70% off😫

  20. Time to turn off my phone before I bankrupt myself lmao

  21. Did she peek in junior high/high school? Most her poses look like something my friends and I would have done between the ages of 12 and 16 when we were taking spirit week photos (homecoming week if anyone's confused).

  22. "Oh, yeah I'd help if I could, but I just donated all my savings to a domestic violence shelter"

  23. This is the best response in this situation.

  24. Idk about Emma and Gleb... But if I weren't married and had a chance with Gleb I would run with it lmao

  25. There were some 👀👀 moments and she said I believe on kaitlyns podcast either during or after tour how Gleb was like her emotional support all tour.

  26. This is the first season I have ever watched so I'm still catching up on all the gossip (for lack of better words). I guess time will tell lol

  27. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but to me it appears that all the girl tans are to damn dark, which in turn looks awful (excluding Drue obviously).

  28. I like both the paranormal (and unexplained) and true crime separately. I hate when a "psychic" get involved in crime cases. Tbf all shows I watch I take with a grain of salt when it comes to either subject bc if they are reenacting the crime I ain't watching ( I won't watch paid actors reenacting but will watch the way forensic files does it).

  29. The best gift one can get! Happy late birthday!!!

  30. I was going to say Gleb but this is a much better answer lmao

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