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  1. Hello, I'm "The Genshin Scientist", maybe you've already heard about me before, as I posted some Cyno content here too, in the past.

  2. Here's a spreadsheet that demonstrates Xinyan mono pyro reaching 43,918 DPS with an R1 Serpent Spine, quite a bit above the 35k shared in the video. All stats/weapons for each character and rotations used are available in the various tabs:

  3. Hi, I'm the one that made the video. I should've probably clarified that bennett is not C6 in my calc. Bennett C6 helps Xinyan mono pyro considerably because the CA she can do gain more value. My Xinyan with Bennett c6 reaches 42k DPS, but I just thought it wasn't very fair to include it because I think enabling bennett's c6 for such a team is a waste. I should've still clarified it, my bad.

  4. I appreciate you replying! For what it's worth, I felt that something may have simply been missed or done differently in the video, rather than an intentional attempt to mislead anyone. Oh, and no worries, I only got one notification, lol.

  5. First of all, I really appreciate the lengthy feedback, that's what I'd like to get under my videos more often! I fully agree that this one in particular was somewhat sloppy, I will be better in the future.

  6. Message to all of those who don t know him : " this Guy is excellent, watch his vidéos"

  7. Hello, I'm a veteran theorycrafter that has been in the community of Genshin for around two years.

  8. Hey, this happened to me too for my dehya/mika videos(

  9. Nope I didn't put any gameplay or images. That's the crazy part.

  10. I received the same exact type of strike

  11. Are people older than 10 actually suggesting refs be fined for missing calls? Get a grip, it’s going to happen.

  12. It's more popular than you think lol, schroeder literally made an ig post saying refs should be fined after the game too

  13. Lmao y’all having a meltdown now that it’s your jester that got disadvantaged. Fucking hilarious

  14. Hey, ty for your work on this video, I appreciate it a lot. Does the math on zhongli vs mika assume 100% ToTM uptime?

  15. sorry to bother you again but do you know if his atk spd buff becomes more important with sobp? i dont know how to calc the number of reachable stacks with both atk spd buffs together considering hitlag

  16. 2 additional stacks might be possible with sobp + mika

  17. Hello, I'm a veteran theorycrafter. This is the second post I make here

  18. Hello, I'm a veteran theorycrafter, and if you haven't seen my videos before, I've covered Al haitham and Wanderer's theorycrafting process.

  19. How awful would mono pyro with Dehya, Bennett, Xiangling and Kazuha look as of now?

  20. It should be one of her viable comps. Not sure how she compares to klee there atm, will have more in a couple days.

  21. If you look at this team's rotation, do you think that Dehya could do C6 benny infused NAs during downtime if there's one?

  22. You're probably better off keeping bennett on field to spam his E for Team energy purposes

  23. If I do not have Nahida, but want to put Alhaitham with Raiden and Yae Miko, who should I have as a 4th character? also how does that affect Alhaitham's artifact choice?

  24. you could try some kind of quickbloom with that lineup if you're ok with giving em to raiden tbh.

  25. Yeah that should still work , not optimal but viable!

  26. Nice assessment. Kinda rare to see people talk about high end guide.

  27. I picked 5 collisions because even at 5 collisions, as it currently stands, xiao does incredibly well. I'm sure xiao can easily do more depending on the enemy, just saying that's the point where his ST damage becomes really good from my POV, so even against enemies where it's possible to hit collisions, but not necessarily super easy ( like jadeshroom ), his ST is great.

  28. Ah srry man. I get it now. I just want to see people says that xiao can do 70K dps or smth while using shield unit xD.

  29. agreed, it’s a solid video but to the audience that’s least needed to hear it since most of us know what he’s capable of

  30. I appreciate that you liked it. However, the reason I've not posted on the main genshin sub, is that people there usually can be a bit hostile to self promotion, especially when it's about meta talk. I've not encountered this type of response in characters-specific subs.

  31. Thanks for the support! Happy to help!

  32. True regarding the off field part, she sounds more like quickswap to me at the very least (like yae )

  33. No offense, but I'm not parroting anything and you're wrong, it's precisely mihoyo's style to amp characters' multipliers these days to compensate for the fact current 5* have no snapshot and don't have the same icds. Yelan just has higher damage potential than xingqiu, Yae has higher percentages between her skill and burst than fischl and beidou , which is why for example Yae has a similar damage share to Fischl even on quicken teams despite the latter having incredible icd mechanics

  34. wdym you lost mistsplitter

  35. It's not about being trained to believe, it's just about taste. Characters like Luffy, Naruto became incredibly influential pop icons because of how charismatic and impactful they are in their own manga. The plot moves in the direction they want it to move. Some people like that.

  36. Hyper carry + a sub-dps is his most logical potential way to use Scara,

  37. Jstern does f2p investment sheets, which are valuable perspectives, but not the full story. In the video I address a version of scara at slightly higher investment level than he usually does, because most of his teams benefit hugely from that level of investment.

  38. That's more because there isn't an optimal sub-dps like Albedo was for Itto and what Eula needs.

  39. I agree with you, ideally they'll release a dedicated anemo sub dps, kinda like anemo albedo.

  40. Since the nerf how much difference is there between Haran and his signature weapon at c0? Asking because I’m considering to get Haran for Ayato and Haitham to share

  41. Check my channel, made a vid on that today

  42. I was wondering about Festering Desire R5, since he needs some energy recharge for his burst, but you didn't use it in your calculations

  43. I did in my last video! Check my channel

  44. Mbappe isnt even half a player of what Messi is. Its disgraceful to compare any player to Messi. At the age of 23 he used to win Barca UCL single handedly.

  45. Yeah he single handedly won it playing with the likes of xavi, iniesta and Puyol

  46. Thanks a lot for your Time to look into detail for people liké me who doesn't do TC :').

  47. C2 is a good stopping point, and yeah it should be better if you already have Mistsplitter

  48. Thank you for your content! I am waiting for your new posts every day haha.

  49. Hahah thanks for the support. Yeah his consts look just average

  50. I'm planning on using jade cutter considering I have it, would that also be good?

  51. Actual amazing pre-release guide. Thanks for the hard work

  52. I was planning on running 2 separate dendro comps (alhaitham yae fischl zhongli and nahida xingqiu yelan kuki), but since it looks like Alhaitham needs a 2nd dendro for his energy requirements in spread comps I'll have to frankenstein them together into a single team.

  53. Yeah you're right, kuki not having c2 and c4 would make the uptime worse for quicken there, but it's probably still playable. It's worth noting that quicken will be disrupted only on the targets Yelan hits, and since her Q is single target, in multi target this quickbloom should perform nicely regardless.

  54. Is he a good dendro applier? I was thinking of whether he was better than dendro mc for a yae aggravate comp?

  55. Yeah he has much better app than him all around

  56. So why PJC would be better than Iron sting? Just because of the CR secondary?

  57. yeah incredible secondary stat + nice passive. I made a new vid on weapons and artifacts today if you want to check that later!

  58. What’s sad lucci is 30 years old .yet y’all still boost him like he got potential or something comparing him to a 19 year old that’s really sad .

  59. .... do you realize this is a manga? Potential? Oda can do whatever he wants. You all have really been brainwashed by whatever headcanon rules you set up.

  60. No real cannon .even if u do say that .it don’t change luffy being 11 years younger if lucci got potential than luffy most def got even more. he the main character,dad & grandpa op strong blood line ,child prodigy master all 3 haki in less than 2 years which was a time limit sat by Roger right hand Man . Even if we went by your logic luffy stronger because he beat rob lucci at 16 without knowing what haki was .gear 2 luffy needed his whole crew to barley beat a fake kuma ,gear 2 luffy with haki one shot a fake kuma alone .no matter what u say can’t compare lucci to him if we going by facts lucci was said to be the best cp9 agent ever a child prodigy who killed 500 people at 15 trained assassin by the world government.he went to water seven in his early 20s .theirs no way u should think lucci is Luffy equal.but you got it even if I’m right u still going say I’m wrong .

  61. Lol I never even said lucci is on par with luffy, I was just pointing out that the tireless attempts to downplay him are really sad because he's clearly living in your head rent free over powerscaling arguments, to the point you completely make up rules like age being in any way relevant when it comes to characters powering up. Just stop it, you look silly.

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