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  1. Damn straight. I always wanted to do that, man. And I think if I had a million dollars I could hook that up, cause chicks dig a dude with money.

  2. Well the kind of chicks that'd double up on a dude like me do.

  3. Of course not punching kids in the face is not an accomplishment. It means you have terrible aim. I at least managed to pop three of the little bastards square in the jaw.

  4. I'm not familiar with bird law but I think that is Jay walking

  5. I was thinking, about damn time! Stop the flow of packs of middle schoolers in matching lime green Tshirts.

  6. I wish they wore matching shirts. I hate seeing some little 9th grader being edgy by wearing his “let’s go Brandon!” shirt on the school DC trip. Little dude, you’re walking to the 9/11 memorial right now, you’re an asshole.

  7. Good move, there, calling for McCarthy's ouster, Republican Dan Bishop. Now name the viable speaker candidate the Republicans have. What's that? None? Hey, make sure everyone can see and hear your pantsless, loud bluff. That definitely is something, and not a total horse's ass move. Bishop shits floor, checkmate!

  8. I don’t think Dan Bishop is a legitimate congressman. He only won against Dan McCready (D) in a special runoff that was the result of Republican election fraud. Here’s the short version: -Republican Mark Harris appears to narrowly wins 2018 election against McCready -Evidence emerges that Harris hired a shady election consultant to help his campaign. -Shady consultant (McRae Dowless) had perpetrated a vote harvesting scheme of mail-in-ballots in 2 counties (very illegal in NC). -GOP controlled NC legislature changes state law to allow a run-off with different candidates, because they know Harris is damaged goods. -Harris declines to run in the run-off, allowing Dan Bishop to step in (after a primary) -now in a special election, the full Trump Machine and super PAC money comes to Charlotte to spread disinformation on McCready, a moderate, by painting him as extremely left-wing (for context, McCready is a Marine Iraq vet, gun owner, Eagle Scout, born-again Christian baptized in the Euphrates, who publicly said that Nancy Pelosi was too divisive and wouldn’t support her for speaker). -McCready does not get the same support from the Democratic Party. -Bishop wins special run-off in 2019. So, without mail-in-ballot election fraud and a state legislature changing election law mid-race, Bishop doesn’t win in 2019. He’s won since, yes, but being the incumbent is a big leg up. Conclusion: I don’t consider him (or his vote) as legitimate.

  9. Whenever my beloved Noles (FSU ‘05) lose, my only source of consolation is that Matt Gaetz is miserable too. Florida State disowns you, you piece of shit.

  10. Same here. That king walk blew me away. Too bad it was Nigel though, garbage human being.

  11. Since long before I was interested in FIRE or anything to do with finance there were a few categories of things I avoided as much as possible. Interest accruing loans, insurance, rent, and gambling.

  12. R's will have no problem finding a judge that agrees with them finding standing.. and from there it goes all the way to the SC.

  13. Yeah, the judge is in Amarillo, TX. His name is Matthew Joseph Kacsmaryk. He is the GOP’s bitch boy in the federal court system.

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