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  1. All four tires should be replaced at the same time.

  2. I got lucky. I buy my tires at Costco and about six months later one of my tires got a nail in it. Took it back to Costco tire center and they said they couldn’t repair it as the damage was too close to the sidewall. They said they’d replace the tire under warranty but I said it’s a Subaru I need all four replaced. They came back and said how about all four new tires for $110? I said great!

  3. Why "men hire other men before they fire woman"? So you try convince that gender gap is not myht using another myth? There is a lot of difference between man and women. So they make different job. It is easy. In My country we need to make parity to convice women to be politicians. And it is still hard to find women that will be on the elections list. They just don't care about that stuff.

  4. You're writing a false narrative to justify the bad behaviour toward women.

  5. I would definitely be interested in trying the popcorn ones. And MAYBE the dill. Not interested in the Ranch.

  6. We have a Dyson, the material doesn't seem similar to it. Cant think of any other equipment or electric tools that have been used around the house

  7. Did you ever have a Royal or Kirby? Them are the only ones I know of that are still made of metal.

  8. Here's another photo of Stray being cute. He's with Thomas. Stray's the orange one.

  9. Hello, I am a Master's student currently conducting a study on non-illicit prescription drug use and the psychiatric and behavioural side effects that may arise in some individuals. I would be interested in hearing more about your experience! The survey itself contains more information on how the data will remain confidential/anonymous and how the data will be stored and used in the future. If you are open the survey can be found here and takes less than 10 minutes:

  10. We do not put up any country flags here ..especially not students ..the only thing we had to do is to check in if a teacher was late to see if the teacher will still come or we will have a lesson to ourselves

  11. Thank you for the response. Was everyone forced to be part of the election? Is it like a mandatory participation where you were at?

  12. No not at all, I was just entered by others into the race and ended up winning.

  13. Was that in what we would call 'high school' (our 10th -12th grade) or was it in elementary school?

  14. OK, I'm almost positive it's an urn. She said it has a lid that comes off. She's in Texas, I'm in Michigan, so I only get what she gives me in terms of pics and info.

  15. After I posted this, that thought ran through my head. Do they sign the bottom with the person's name on it? Hers has some cursive name on the bottom:

  16. There's a whole museum dedicated to the victims of communism?

  17. I slept on the streets (like the person in the photo, which shouldn't have been taken) in the U.S.

  18. I use to be homeless. Awake or asleep, I would consider it rude of you to take photos of me when I was at my lowest.

  19. I’m talking more along the lines of displaying genetalia in front of bystanders perhaps masturbating from vehicle windows, have you not heard or seen of this; ever?

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