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  1. Yep, the Animal Roadshow. Vividly remember holding a leopard gecko and a milk snake

  2. Maybe, but just wanted to say that Gray would have parental responsibility whether the was on the birth cert or not, since him and Chelsea are married. I wish theyd do some basic research for once

  3. He's acting like an 80 year old dementia patient

  4. The thing I hate most about this storyline isn't the divorce or the sexual questioning (apologies if that's not the correct term), but the cheating. Miranda knows firsthand how much it hurt when Steve cheated on her. We all felt her pain and devastation. I can't believe someone who went through that would then turn around and cheat themselves, no matter how conflicted they are. That is just so out of line for Miranda's character.

  5. And to just not even acknowledge that she's doing anything wrong or that she feels guilty about hurting Steve. It's all just about how she's bored

  6. Yeah I'm my early 20s with the girls, loved it. Those kind of resorts are our version of Spring Break. Drinking ourselves into oblivion and shagging strangers is the main objective

  7. Malia, hands down. Haven't been since 2009 but it was definitely my favourite of the 3

  8. Only at Christmas. Most people don't like them (that I know anyway) but you have to have them, it's tradition. I can usually only stomach 2 or 3 tops.

  9. If you think the shit that comes off your arse and onto the toilet roll doesn't in some part seep through to your hands, then I do not know what to say. It might not be visible, but its there 😂

  10. Surely not, I always fold a long piece of tissue over a few times, it's definitely not getting through several layers

  11. Because it's convenient to the story. So the adults can discuss their sex lives and the most recent murder away from little ears (unless it's convenient for the story is Raymond hearing about Phil going to prison).

  12. Mick will get janine up them apples and pears quick time!

  13. Yeah but the character was in America so likely picked up Americanisms whilst there.

  14. I believe this was when she was leaving for Miami initially

  15. Oooo okay! Are they usually made with American cheese? Or what kind of cheese is most common? Are they typically eaten paired with tomato soup?

  16. My son's school made him a tortilla wrap with melted American cheese in it once and he's complained about it for the last 4 years. The trauma is forever etched on his heart.

  17. I watched it when it was on TV but this year I rewatched it for first time with my son who was born near the week Aaron was born on the show. Forgot how great it was. My son loved it. It was so much fun seeing it “ new” again in his eyes.

  18. I rewatched with my son when he was 11, 5 years to go before my youngest is that age and we can do it again


  20. Doesnt say anything to indicate it wasn't consensual so they basically fired him for smoking a joint? What about Phil Mitchell and his doggint/Captain Hook antics? What about Daniella Westbrook and her missing septum? Very unfair!

  21. whatd you mean by phil's captain hook antics ?


  23. I just had a son 3 months ago and we did not circumcise him. It was mostly my choice (I'm the dad BTW, and I was circumcised as a baby - I'm pretty indifferent about it). My wife didn't have much of an opinion and left it to me. Actually, many of the baby nurses at the hospital were very happy we chose not to do it. Some of my wife's friends (female) think uncircumcised dongs are gross. My entire opinion is I don't think I should choose to cut off a part of my son's junk just because someone might not like the way it looks. If he grows up and wants that, that's his choice. From everything I have read, there is no real reason to circumcise children. Some people think it prevents UTI's but a baby can get a UTI with a circumcised dong if left unclean. My understanding is just clean your kids when they poo/change their diaper and everything will be fine.

  24. They only think it's gross cos they're not used to it. It's the other way round here, circumcised ones look weird. The more people don't get circumcised the less weird/gross people will think it is.

  25. Because where I'm from that would never happen and I thought you were having a dig at the absurdity of children having to be responsible for gun safety

  26. It's a rare occurrence here but it's something that, should it happen, a child needs to know how to behave safely.

  27. Yeah I can understand why it's necessary when guns are so much more commonplace.

  28. I know there's unlikely to be many terrorists willing to answer this one but do terrorist cells really refer to themselves as a cell? Surely not

  29. Isn't that the technical police term? Like they probably wouldn't call themselves terrorists or extremists or say they're radicalised etc either. Like the crew Tiff was involved with wouldn't talk about doing county lines, that's just what the police /professionals call it

  30. I hope they aren't involved. Surely it's better for his parents to have hope he ran away and is safe and happy somewhere then to imagine what happened to him as a victim of trafficking

  31. Yeah but how is it tied to her other than having the number 19 on it? Presumably agents' numbers and identities are kept secret

  32. It’s been 12 days since my last comment, my brain has since been purged of context haha, so um, I’m gonna go ahead and use my blanket answer for unknowns, ahem:

  33. Haha, sorry took a reddit break! And tbh I don't care anywhere near as much as I did 12 days ago so will accept your theory no questions asked

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