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  1. don't feel too bad, my high school requires twice per semester, and if you violate this, you get a warning from the principal himself.

  2. Ok. This is quite op. You give up the weapons combat use and some primary ammo to Über-boost your Dispenser extremely. A Dispenser at the cost of 50 metal and only requiring 200 metal more to be fully upgraded is already crazy, but you also increase its range and it’s „healing“ output.

  3. With the 2022 DLC coming soon, would it help if I made a tutorial video on how I put mods/custom schemes in the game? Would also be easier for me to explain in video form vs text.

  4. For me it's Dragonair, it's a simple, clean design with enough embellishments to be interesting.

  5. kinda wish the Dragonair line was split, so it could evolve into either Dragonite or a dragon that looks more like Dragonair.

  6. Like how Politœd looks nothing like Poliwag and Poliwhirl?

  7. What’s the point of doing this. It makes the game better. It’s like if they patched spycrabbing out of the game

  8. Haikus are supposed to be 5, 7, 5 syllables, so the first line is fine, the second line didn’t know what to do with “Kalos” so it just ignored it to get 7, the third line is fine if you pronounce “lmao” as “luh-may-oh” and not each letter individually or French cat meowing, “l’mow”, so that gets a pass.

  9. using "French cat meowing" to explain how to pronounce lmao is genius

  10. He should use other characters voices too to show that he’s unfinished

  11. I actually specifically searched up this dude to see if someone made him an actually character and found this

  12. would love for a mod maker or something to come and make this a thing

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