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  1. The Purge: fucked around and found out IMDB 2023 (8.2/10) Genre: slasher/gore/horror Rtaed: NC-17

  2. Well, Putin’s certainly decreasing the Russian gene pool. That certainly won’t bode well for its future.

  3. Also, very interesting to see how "blyat" and "nahui" are being casually thrown into the French lingo. I wonder if these swear words will be added to the already foreign Polish "kurwa" that kept being thrown around.

  4. Yes, that is the strategy. Ukraine will run out of ammo before Russia runs out of idiots men.

  5. I love chromecast audio but as good things go it has been discontinued. U could alway hardware hack Google homes

  6. you can still just purchase any random chromecast (video) with HDMI out then buy a cheap HDMI=> toslink/analog out box and you get almost the same experience.

  7. Does this mean that all military personnel of the rank of "general" are exempt from service ?

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