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  1. From your evidence, your team isn’t doing well on defense. And comparing your defense to their offense and vice versa, they would come out on top most of the time. Does your bench have decent players or do they fall off? I’d say look into your coaches focus and if it’s work into the paint, make your bigs offensive dominate and have the rest be better defenders. And mix it up with your bench guys so they have better defense spread throughout your team. That’s what helped me win my 1 and only championship 🤣

  2. So I played the football gm before this. And scheme matchup didn't matter, just as long as the players fit they got a bonus. So if I change it to work it in the paint my bigs will get more chances to score? Also do you know, does having a bigger stadium equal having a better home field advantage? Or is it just for financial proposes. Thanks for the information though

  3. Every year I struggle to get to the playoffs, and once I get there I always get stomped. Usually by a team significantly lower than me(Last year I got knock out of the first round by an 83 overall team, my team was a 92, lost series 4-2). I have good chemistry, coaching and players. Anything I am missing that would help get my win percentage up?

  4. Channel 5 News with Andrew Callaghan. He's the best thing on YouTube.

  5. Great pod, but definitely not in schools. Just like the separation of Church and State.... we need a separation of our Education System and Shane's mom's cunt

  6. Half you mfers lost your v card to a chick that looks just like this

  7. Breaking Points may be the best news program on YouTube right now.

  8. Nebraska should be red. We have 2 Republicans leading the Governor race. The most sane one out of the two said he would end abortions in Nebraska.... and the other is a backed by Trump.

  9. Yes, we need everyone.... as long as they are right wing right?

  10. Howard doesn't own any of his material, Joe does after his deal is up in 2023. Nobody is saying the salary is better for Joe. You should do some quick research instead of quick math before you call people stupid.

  11. lol, that's funny. But that's a joke right? Not a real ad?

  12. The emails on the laptop show hunter being put on some Ukrainian gas company corporate board through political interest of the United States and company shares being held by Biden. I don’t have the link to the files and I’m not going to search the internet for something you need. Feel free to look around you can find it on most dark websites. Thanks for trying though lol

  13. Why is it always, "look around, do your own research". Just give a link to the information you are referencing. Unless you are embarrassed of the source? Doubt it's even a "dark websites", probably or something

  14. Lol you’re a mindless clown. You can never say anything bad about your religion, oops I mean your political party.

  15. I'm the mindless clown? You are spouting bullshit and back it up with "look into it yourself". You made the claims, burden of proof is on you dumbshit.

  16. You need to play an Indian character from the Adventure deck 8 times to earn it in single player

  17. America Out Loud is a conspiracy/pseudosceince website.

  18. When people do stuff like this, I wish they were teleported into the cage for 5 seconds.

  19. Sorry for your loss. Like the other comments, I am guessing it's the retirement negotiation bug. Asking him to not retire and him saying no makes him ineligible to be a Legend. I deleted a franchise after this happened to me once.

  20. No one compares to Hitler, the Nazis were on a totally different level. They used to force Jews to burn their own family alive then extract the gold tooth of said family and put it in boxes for the Nazis to melt which is now stored in banks in Switzerland. Lamp shades made of human skin, human experiments on children and forcing the mother to kill the same child after it was totally deformed and festered with disease from experiments etc Hitler and the Nazis were on a different level all together.

  21. Stalin and Mao had more deaths attributed to them than Hitler in the same time period. And if you look at all time deaths attributed to leaders there are many others who go past Hitler. If you think what the Nazi's did to their enemies was bad you should look into Genghis Khan

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