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  1. Talking like Goofy and doing his laugh.

  2. Is this why you ghosted me after that night?!?!

  3. It's plain as day to see their attempts in largely unmoderated subreddits like WayoftheBern. That used to be a 'Bernie Sanders appreciation' subreddit. Suddenly they're posting anti Zelensky stuff on a weekly basis as of last Feb.

  4. Also doubles as a solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

  5. Okay so the Kurds clearly get Canada and the Armenians get the US, but what part does Greece get?

  6. Obviously. How else would Canadians keep making poutine without them?

  7. When I planned an overseas trip to Egypt at 22, then walking out of the hotel in Cairo and just going anywhere I chose to go.

  8. Did I have a stroke and miss an entire month?

  9. I'm wondering if I had a stroke. Because even after reading several of the comments being like "I don't think it happened in September this year..."

  10. The RNC sees Trump as a major liability. The Republican voters, especially the TFG Trump ones, don't give a shit. Trump was not exaggerating at all when he said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and get away with it. His people saw the Epstein ties and said "oh well", despite claiming they care a lot about Epstein friends.

  11. Claiming every single little island must have been a chore.

  12. Easier when you have soldiers willing to keep fighting for decades after the war already ended and believing the Emperor is a living 'God'.

  13. ULTRA 64 is coming!!!! Or rather the 'U64' as everyone will likely call it.

  14. ... So when are they going to allow us to get these second boosters?? I was turned away at a pharmacy this week for trying. My last shot was 10 months ago.

  15. I really wanted a second one. I got covid last month from a roommate and it badly ruined my lungs and body.

  16. Was coming to see if someone else said it. If I made the map that one I would put as both lines.

  17. It should be ugly, remember when apple refused to unlock those iphones for the FBI?? Companies CAN do the right thing even if they are sheeeiitttt in every other sense

  18. CIA: "By revealing the heart attack gun in 1975 we were trying to raise the domestic tomato consumption in Cambodia which would cause a shortage of tomatoes in Mongolia. After Mongolians stopped buying tomatoes it would raise the price of bauxite there by 7 cents. After bauxite prices went up the consumption of indigo would drop in Pakistan this would raise infant mortality rates among the last communist strongholds in Indonesia..."

  19. The Last Jedi revealed that Rey wasn’t related to any super important bloodline and I was so surprised and happy. Then Rise of Skywalker chickened out and made her a Palpatine because of fan backlash.

  20. That was funny too because that was one of the few parts I liked about The Last Jedi.

  21. I'm more intrigued that your house is from the 1700s. My old house was from 1917 and I thought that was crazy old. lol

  22. I'm from the USA so when I travel to other countries and they ask where I'm from I say

  23. also this is Trevor's last film and I for one am trying my hardest to do right by it

  24. I'm not recommending this as advice but, for me personally, taking small amounts of creatine supplement daily helps even it out.

  25. That's interesting. I actually started a creatine supplement a few days ago because I read somewhere that it can actually provide some pain relief for spinal issues. I'd be interested to look more into its effects on stools

  26. For some people creatine has a laxative effect. I've found a happy medium in just small amounts of creatine mixed with daily kratom kinda levels it out for me. Hope it helps with your pain relief.

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