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  1. I mean, they're right that male sexual assault victims aren't taken seriously. And it's fucking atrocious. It's not clear to me whether this person is making a positive or a normative statement about this situation.

  2. He's trying to justify laughing at the repeated rape of a transwoman forced to stay in the male section,(for petty theft).

  3. The information I've gotten from three different posts so far: 1) The nintendo shop will close, 2) March 2023 is the month of apocalypse by a few zombie pieces of media, and 3) it's predicted that Russia will begin another mass-mobilization into Ukraine, possibly with the help of Belarus, and there is a threat of nuclear options if things don't go to plan.

  4. Russia has lost the majority of its military assets and multiple key leaders. How do they expect to win without wiping out whatever is left of it? And if they fire nukes, they will be annihilated by a global counterattack.

  5. Watched it at 0.25x, the hyena does not grab that leg. Homeboy broke it himself

  6. I am talking about just before the antelope falls over, the hyena grabs the front leg.

  7. Are they leucistic though? The eyes are brown, not blue...

  8. Personally I got my money on Espinas, it’s the one with decent range and ailments and it’s legendary armor/spikes and poison would be devastating for these close range grapplers to handle.

  9. What the hell is it with English voice actors' inability to pronounce names, it drives me crazy. I wouldn't hate dubs as much if they could actually manage to say it without sounding like a complete idiot

  10. Faputa eng voice absolutely butchers 'sosu' and it hurts, especially when compared to her JP voice actress's legendary performance.

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