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  1. So, they do heists? What are they thieving?

  2. They don't do heists, persay. They actually specialize in pay-up-front blackmail and intel gathering, as well as mostly harmless crimes like petty theft from big stores. They have pulled off a couple big robberies when money gets tight though.

  3. It's the Sonic Boom! T.V show. One of the episodes had Sonic wear a mechsuit that pretty much turned him into more of an egomaniacal jerk than he already was. It also did what the post says.

  4. This kinda stuff makes me worried for Sonic Prime. I really want them to get Shadow’s character right, because honestly he’s such a cool character when done right, but recently he’s turned into more of this edgy stereotype. Honestly shadow is still a darker more serious character, that’s just his character, but it needs to be done in a way that still makes him a hero.

  5. Boom wasn't trying to do the characters right though, that's the thing. Every single member of the cast was an exaggerated or outright different version of their main series counterpart. They played up Sonic's cockiness to an egomaniac, Amy became a radical feminist, Knuckles was just a blockhead, and Tails was a lot more confident and acted more like a teenager.

  6. Now if this worked with constant dread, I'd be more interested

  7. I don't know why this specific image is so unsettling to me

  8. Hey what's this bot above me on about, surely it isn't relevant

  9. Hey, I'm sorry about what I said. I shouldn't have, I was pissed. This isn't sarcasm, I really shouldn't have attacked you personally.

  10. Apology accepted. But don’t worry I don’t fear for my kid because you post something on internet.

  11. I didn't intend to make you fear for your kid. I just realized that if anyone attacked my siblings, the closest thing to children I have, I would feel like shit.

  12. When you phrase it like that, it makes it sound more like he’s taking Andes mints and crushing them to snort up like cocaine

  13. I really like the back and forth of the characters

  14. Loves space as in the galaxy or loves space as in "stay the fuck away from me"?

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